Trump’s ties to Mossad/CIA Pedophile Ring By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor – January 28, 2018


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Editor’s note:  VT, in 2014, broke the story at the Damascus Regional Security Conference, organized crime out of Israel was running ISIS and that what was being misperceived as “national governments” were only “middle management” in a world organized crime operation named by Dr. Preston James as the RKM or Rothschild Khazarian Mafia.


This organization has unusual roots, which go back centuries, the Vatican, Freemasonry, the Rothchild family, the British Royal family as well, but also survived in Germany under the Abwehr and later under the powerful Nazi organizations that survived the war, some of which for very difficult to understand reason, except to insiders who “get it,” helped establish the State of Israel.

I found this group gaining control over the US when Reagan took office.  Kennedy had cleaned them and the Abwehr/Allan Dulles group from the CIA.  They walked back in the door, along with the drug cartels and the Iran Contra gang the day Reagan was sworn in.  CIA stations were given Mossad “overseers,” one of them, a Dr. Eduardo Leonardi, eventually became on of my closest friends.  These weren’t all idiots and they, the experienced line agents, knew that mob control of so much of the world, culminating in Trump’s presidency, would eventually endanger the last vestiges of civilization.  The goyim were meant to be fed off of, not butchered.

The video above and the articles below, including references to the works of Michael Collins Piper, have more right than wrong.  The references to biblical prophesy are appropriate as behind the RKM is ritual satanic rule and, as stated below, a pedophile ring that Trump and his associates sit at the center of, Trump as inheritor of Roy Cohn, who ruled the RKM from New York, inheritor of the Abwehr.

British spy novel author and jailed whistleblower, Michael Shrimpton, began being fed information on a group called the DVD, a “German” based organization that runs world terrorism.  Shrimpton’s sources are largely Putin underlings.  By our estimation, Putin sees himself as standing against the anti-Christ, but we have no trust that his views which have given both Trump and Israel more than enough rope to hang themselves are correct or that he is playing a “long game” as Russians so often do.

Inside here and with writers such as Ian Greenhalgh, Preston James,  Jim Dean and others, a picture will emerge.

The center of the RKM is Google Corporation.  Dominance of human thought and the unleashing of an artificial intelligence that will hand feed custom crafted “Google reality” to every “internet wired” human on the planet was rolled out more than two years ago.

Every satellite, every intercept, the dozens of phony US intelligence agencies (with some exceptions) and a network of RKM controlled tech companies including Google and Facebook, have implemented a “deep state” government above us all.

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