Jeffrey Epstein: “He could buy anything, including his own death” — Mining Awareness +

From “The Palm Beach Post”: “Jeffrey Epstein: ‘He could buy anything, including his own death’ By Lulu Ramadan ; By Jane Musgrave; By John Pacenti Posted Aug 10, 2019 at 12:53 PM Federal investigators are looking into the “apparent suicide” of multimillionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in a New York City jail cell. One day after newly released federal court […]

via Jeffrey Epstein: “He could buy anything, including his own death” — Mining Awareness +

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  1. Thanks for linking. The reblogs are still not working. I still see the same message as explained in my response to your email. While at least one blogger has been able to reblog MA, I sometimes have had trouble reblogging nuclear news of late, and they have sometimes had trouble in that MA reblogs appeared to have gotten deleted. I thought it was one of their assistants who deleted the reblog, but must have been something similar to what’s up with your blog or our blogs together.

    • I was told by support that for Reblogs to act properly MA must install that Plug-in I sent you. As I said before sites that are on the Biz plan can Reblog your posts successfully ONLY if you have that plug-in installed. You should have a chat with the support team – and confirm what I just said and ask them to point to alternatives. It is a shame that I cannot Reblog your posts but I do anyway and will continue to do so. Support is very good at solving problems I would have a chat with them. I explained what you told me but they cannot see your issues w/o working directly with you with all permissions.? This is something they MUST find a workaround for ASAP.

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