The Tech Industry Wants to Kill the Password. Or Does It? CHRIS HOFFMAN @chrisbhoffman AUGUST 12, 2019, 6:40AM EDT

Well, they keep trying but failing to rid the IT user of the need for Passwords. There will ALWAYS be passwords – often in combination with other techniques but the day of NO PASSWORDS will never arrive so save yourself a visit to the ER because you were holding your breath waiting.. LOLROTF!! 👀😳😯😮😖😫😵😆😝😜

Some people can’t stop talking about the death of the password. Passwords are old, insecure, and easily leaked. Soon, we’ll all be using biometrics, hardware security keys, and other futuristic solutions—right? Well, not so fast.

We spoke to 1Password’s chief of security, Jeffery Goldberg, who said he’s, “cautiously optimistic that this time we might see a dent in the password problem.”

That’s the optimistic take—and it’s far from the death of passwords.

Why People Want to Kill the Password

When discussing the company’s goal of “Building a world without passwords,” back in May 2018,  Microsoft’s Security Team wrote:

“Nobody likes passwords. They are inconvenient, insecure, and expensive. In fact, we dislike them so much that we’ve been busy at work trying to create a world without them—a world without passwords.”

Passwords have become more annoying over time, and we’ve all become wise to the risks of reusing one. If you use the same password on multiple sites and there’s a password leak, yours can be used to access your account on another website. So, you need to choose a strong, unique password for each service you use. Gone are the days of reusing a short, simple password on a handful of websites.

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