Radioactively Contaminated Waste from the US DOE Nuclear Weapons Complex Illegally Sent to Incinerators, Landfills, Recycling and Recovery Facilities across the United States | Mining Awareness +

via Radioactively Contaminated Waste from the US DOE Nuclear Weapons Complex Illegally Sent to Incinerators, Landfills, Recycling and Recovery Facilities across the United States | Mining Awareness +

2 key questions here:

1) why has the DOE been investigated for the “many and multiple ‘mistakes'” that have been made – and do any of the DOE staff ever see the inside of a courtroom or better JAIL! THESE MISSHIPMENTS ARE NO FUCKIN’ ACCIDENT!! Where is the investigation and prosecutions and 2) It is not only the DOE – but Oil companies mixradioactive sludge into gasoline so we breath it everday from every car, bus, truck and train!

Then the Industrial Manufacturers are mixing radioactive sludge in to the ‘steel’ they make cars, busses and trucks out of; its in the plastic bumpers; its in the carpet, the leather/vinyl, the plastic and the steel! THEN – they’re (JAPAN especially) growing and producing vegetables, fruits and meats that eat contaminated grain/food and shipping it into the US Food Distribution system WITH PERMISSION of the USDA! So — ultimately you are eating, bathing, washing your clothes, it is in you dishes, plates, spoons, forks, pots and pans, your clothes, shoes, blankets, sheets can all be contaminated — but since NONE OF YOU bought that geiger counter I told you to buy years ago YOU WILL NEVER KNOW.. all something they have been doing all along but NOW it is ‘with permission of deregulated regulators and government agencies!! Don’t take my word for this shit.. LOOK IT UP! I DID!

In the spring of 1991, residents of Baton Rouge, LA, were shocked to read in their local newspaper that radioactive waste from the Department of Energy nuclear weapons complex at Oak Ridge, TN, had been burned at a local incinerator. This was not an isolated incident. Between 1981 and 1991, the Department of Energy site sent thousands of tons of hazardous waste to treatment, storage, and disposal facilities not just in Louisiana but across the country. It now appears that radioactive material was present in that waste.

An independent report of the Oak Ridge waste-management practices called “Type-B,” prepared by the DOE Oak Ridge office, revealed that waste analysis sheets prepared by Martin Marietta Energy Systems, the contractor operating the Y-12 plant on the Oak Ridge Reservation, had been altered. “White-out” had been used to delete evidence of enriched uranium in the waste material. Furthermore, a senior manager at Rollins Environmental Services, the recipient of this waste, was aware of the practice, yet Rollins continued to receive waste shipments from Oak Ridge.” (US Congressman George Miller, 1992)

This case involved the US DOE contractors, and subcontractors, which were public companies trading on the US stock exchange, and about which something could be known due to government requirements. Yet, this still happened. Now we have three private companies, about which little is known or can be known, involved, or trying to be involved, in the dismantlement of nuclear power stations: Holtec (Krishna Pal Singh), Energy Solutions (Doug Kimmelman), and J.F. Lehman & Co. (new owners of WCS). Furthermore, Holtec has, in other contexts, refused to comply with a US government subpoena about its nuclear waste cans and has been disbarred from the TVA for apparent bribery, and routinely uses “proprietary” as an excuse to hide information. Giving “exemptions” to Holtec appears to be a favorite NRC activity. A tax break given to Holtec by the State of New Jersey is currently under investigation. The Plymouth Massachusetts Area League of Women voters has written the NRC chair stating that “Both the Town of Plymouth and the Commonwealth have legitimate concerns about the financial accountability of the prospective licensee, its finances and its plans for safety, security, monitoring and emergency response during the period of decommissioning.” See more here:

Radioactively Contaminated Waste from the US DOE Nuclear Weapons Complex Illegally Sent to Incinerators, Landfills, Recycling and Recovery Facilities across the United States


  1. Remember the Cancer epidemic didn’t begin until turn of the century – when Marie Curie began to see what “glow in the dark” lipstick did to peoples faces.. then her hands fell off her body! Diagnosis of Cancer has increased HUNDREDS OF PERCENT since the turn of the century. This conspiracy has been ongoing for at least a Century. AND THE WORSE THING ABOUT IT IS IT WAS ONLY ABOUT MONEY!!! It is TOO LATE to mitigate any harm due to “escapement into the environment” of radiation! The NUCLEAR CRIME SYNDICATE owns us and will AGENDA 21 all of the planet before they retreat underground to their TRILLION DOLLAR bunkers – bad news is – THOSE BUNKERS won’t SAVE THEM EITHER!! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…😊😎 SO, PARTY LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW – BECAUSE THERE IS NO TOMORROW!! We failed to ACT, we failed to recognize the genocide, we failed to save the 8M species of the earth to which we are responsible – we FAILED all the way around! We gave up our health for someone else’s wealth!! Get ready for EARTH RESET 5.O

    Not even the ancient megalithic builders and intelligent beings – WHICH WERE US – were able to stop the carnage.. God bless the biology, the Biome of the earth which will NOW FAIL to tell its story to our future!!

  2. Thanks for the reblog! I bought a geiger well before Fukushima, but with the way they cover things up it’s impossible to know where it’s coming from or what to do. Very hard to distinguish from solar flares, too. I’ve never found out about any nuclear accident (or near miss) until days, weeks, years, decades after the worst has flown over or dropped down (or could have). So, we can’t even have the option of staying indoors until the fallout lands on the ground. In the end, radiation or not we have to breathe. For awhile I avoided the rain, but no more. After Donna Gilmore of San Onofre Safety pointed out that if you shelter in place too long with tape sealed that you may suffocate, I realized that chances are that when a major disaster occurs I will have to open the window and breathe in the rad air. I told one neighbor that and they haven’t spoken to me since. I found out that I had possibly been exposed during Chernobyl only decades later. I was in Canada and never heard a thing about Chernobyl being a problem. I had to scratch my head and recall if I ate the maple syrup on snow before or after Chernobyl – a bit late to discover decades after the fact. I still can’t recall if I heard about the above case when it happened or not. I found it again 5 or 6 years ago but never got it posted. I had wanted to post the whole thing, but it is long. This case may be why I thought that all discharges were illegal and was surprised to find out that some rad discharges are legal. It’s the Japanese who pointed us to the shocking fact that some dumping of rad water (and gas to air) is legal! Without soil testing property you don’t know what you have got, either.

    • I had a dear friend who lived in California named Tina. She worked for Ross Department Stores in 2012. She received clothing shipments from Japan every week and had to sort, price and set the shelves for it all. NEW CLOTHES MADE IN JAPAN! She started working there in Feb 2012. By November 2012 she was diagnosed with Brain Cancer – Astrosarcoma, one of the worst – by April 2013 we held her funeral. She was killed by JAPAN and the clothes they were importing into the US via Ross Department store channels!! When she got sick I asked her to take my geiger counter to work with here to take some readings – she laughed and said I was a conspiracy theorist. 4 months later she was dead of Brain Cancer – inoperable because it would have left her blind and speechless. Everyday she came home with a headache that just wouldn’t quit and got worse and worse. SO I FUCKIN’ KNOW WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON WITH JAPAN AND SHIPPING CONTAMINATED GOODS TO THE US. 2012 is when the radiation was extremely concentrated and high! These were clothes that were destined for “global distribution” but were diverted to California and heavily discounted because we were not CHECKING!!

      • I’m sorry about your friend. That’s why I got the Geiger was because I heard something similar about China and mugs. I didn’t find it, but it may have been there at low levels. Where we found high radiation was old watches. Someone needs to sue over the old radium watches as round one. They got by with that for 50 years after they knew it was deadly. The radium and weapons fallout has allowed them to hide the more recent nuclear cancers – statistically speaking. For the clothes – it is very difficult to detect the alpha. So, even had she taken the geiger she might not have detected it, but it still been there. There was probably alpha particles or other which went up her noise in the dust. Now it’s many decades too late to ask my grandmother if she slept in her watch and how much she wore it. I certainly don’t recall. If she slept in it, it could have caused the her cancer and my grandfather’s cancer.

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