Brazil Rejects G7 $22 Million Aid Offer to Help Fight Amazon Wildfires | Mining Awareness +

A few years back I flew from Lima to Sao Paulo in the daytime and I only saw a few patches of GREEN during the entire flight BECAUSE I WANTED TO SEE THE AMAZON FROM THE AIR. That’s when I realized that there were only small patches of Amazonia left and the only reason for that is there were indigenous people living there that will kill you if they catch you ANYWHERE NEAR their territory! THEY HAVE BEEN LYING TO THE WORLD – THE AMAZON DISAPPEARED MANY YEARS AGO! IT IS ALREADY GONE.

All of this “posturing” is just that – pure BS! All those maps they show you about ‘this is the amazon 50 years ago – and this is what is left today’ and they show only about 10% of it gone.. THAT IS ALSO TOTAL BS. My guess is almost 75-80% is GONE ALREADY TODAY!Brazil Rejects G7 $22 Million Aid Offer to Help Fight Amazon Wildfires | Mining Awareness +


  1. I think I finally figured it out. Where we were misled is that we were taught that once the forest cleared and topsoil was gone nothing would grow back. So, probably they have clear cut and something grew back and that something is still better than nothing, even if it’s not the old growth forests. In hot climates vegetation can grow back very quickly. In the United States there have been cycles since they cut down the trees the first time, so the hundreds of acres I have seen recently clear-cut had grown back after it was pasture or for agriculture. The surface mining is where it’s very difficult to grow anything afterwards and they do more and more of that. They are going after the indigenous peoples because in the past the Spaniards and Portuguese weren’t able to get the gold, so some of it’s still there. While it is possible to find information on China’s giant Mirador mine in Ecuador, no one talks about Lundin Gold’s Fruta del Norte. The Lundins are Swedish Canadians and appear untouchable. I believe they have killed at least one indigenous leader in Ecuador, though I can’t prove it. If you search for Fruta del Norte – Lundin Gold mining you can find things on the mining web sites. They are tearing up the entire planet with surface mining and agribusiness, and to a lesser degree oil and gas. It’s so bad that even when I did mining on the blog I didn’t have time to even scratch the surface. I worry that the entire US will become a desert because they keep cutting down trees to make housing for immigrants. In Europe they remove protective mountains to get concrete to build apartments to stuff immigrants in, and actually change weather that way. They could build nice homes or apartments with solar panels for people in what we used to call the Third World but they want them out to steal the resources. It’s not just American companies doing it, either. I find few American mining companies. US companies like Pence’s bro Cummins provide the motors for the mining equipment, but the mining companies are mostly non-American because the US requires standards of proof. The Spaniards and Portuguese brought German mining experts with them to Latin America, btw. Europe and the US need to do more to combat deforestation though Germany has been improving. Also the US has tree farms, but apparently if there have been too many cattle it’s hard to set up the tree farms because the soil is compacted.

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