Chernobyl Nuclear meltdown hidden facts will blow you away

Dana presents in this video Peer Reviewed Research Papers on Chernobyl and the diseases and conditions caused by extreme radiation from “The Radiation Plume” that contaminated 3/4 of Europe and Russian states – including the ‘bread basket’ of Russia UKRAINE – and other countries on the continent. WE are  all eating the food grown there, drinking the bottled water gathered there and breathing the  contaminated air that flows through there DAILY and will for 10 more lifetimes!! DO NOT EAT ITALIAN PASTA OR ANY FOOD PRODUCTS FROM ITALY – that includes tomato products, pasta condiments, canned products from Italy especially; but also from UK, IRELAND, SCOTLAND, SWEDEN, NORWAY, FINLAND, BELGIUM, FRANCE, SPAIN, PORTUGAL ISRAEL, GERMANY, POLAND, THE BALTICS and EVERYWHERE in Europe and the Middle East EVER AGAIN!!

Streamed live on Aug 29, 2019

What happened at Chernobyl was not limited to Chernobyl or Ukraine or Russia . 9000 farms had to closed and where quarantined in UK Ireland Scotland . Join me as I show the horror of nuclear fallout and the the bizarre nuclear industry unfathomable contempt and hatred nuclear employees have for you and all life . Everyone who ever ate Japanese food should sue Tepco Nuclear Power Company . Sheep farmers still stuck under a Chernobyl cloud In total, almost 9,000 farms, and four million sheep, were placed under restriction.

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