Smuggling in the Irish Borderlands – and why it could get worse after Brexit | Mining Awareness +

Great stuff guys.. really!  Smuggling in the Irish Borderlands – and why it could get worse after Brexit | Mining Awareness +

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  1. Thanks! I got into an inadvertent discussion with someone from Northern Ireland who had written a good piece on poverty in the United States on another blog. He or she was worried about the issue of smuggling, etc. with Brexit, because s/he had an uncle who worked the border as a policeman and I think was shot. So, when I saw that article I took notice. Plus, a lot of the corruption we see more generally seems to be related to things like cigarette smuggling going back to Soviet times in Germany, and even to the World Wars. In the US there was prohibition. But, for Germany the Stasi used the smugglers as informants. Some old Nazis worked for the CIA and some for the Stasi (and some went to Latin America, too), so that’s one thread that ties some of the corruption together. Which reminds me that William Barr is half Irish and half Jewish and at the time his ethnic Jewish father was in the OSS (and Maxwell was active) after WWII there was smuggling for Israeli terrorists against the UK and for IRA against the UK. The Israeli terrorists tried to ally with the fascists in opposition to the UK. One thing I had noticed some years ago is that the paths of sanction avoidance centered on Switzerland during WWII involved the same countries as are central to mafia-drug trafficking today. Most of the bad people seem to have some connection to the opium trade through family or location, and perhaps international slave trade as well. Holtec’s Singh is from a region central to opium growing and warehousing and Canada’s PM’s maternal ancestor was involved in the trade or gave licenses. I am wondering if there is some relationship between the Mississippi chicken plants and drug or money-laundering. Their connection to Russia seems to go back to selling non-breast chicken to Russia after the fall of the USSR.

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