Japan’s New Environmental Minister Calls for Closing Down All Nuclear Reactors to Prevent Another Disaster Like Fukushima: “We will be doomed if we allow another nuclear accident to occur.” | Mining Awareness +

Could it be that the Japanese DIET is growing Guard Rails around PM Abe? Fuckin’ Amazing – if this is true.. let’s see how much wind this sail can gather long term. THIS MAN – SHINZU ABE AND HIS ENTIRE FAMILY – ARE JAPANESE IMPERIALSTS, ALWAYS HAVE BEEN!


  1. OPEN EYES can see that Japan’s primary business partners in their contaminated foods, industrial products, textiles and vitamin/mineral supplements markets are ONLY: USA, UK, AUSTRALIA and EASTERN EUROPE, though not as much. They are bound and determined – ABE AND TRUMPANZEE – to poison this entire country; water; agriculture; foods; clothing, autos/fuels and mass retail products!

  2. The Japanese love themselves – apart from maybe their untouchables. So, I think they want to get shot of the things. Everyone had better be watching as their dismantled crap may get sent to us. The big money now seems to be in dismantlement, too. Japan is getting oil and gas from Russia’s Sakhalin.

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