Steve Kroft’s last 60 Minutes piece

Why was THIS REPORT for 60 MINUTES Steve’s last report for the TV Investigative Reports show?

Reminds me of Charlie Puth’s only hit song.. “how long has this been goin’ on”..

The song’s chorus is from the girl’s perspective, in which she searches for details about his affair.

How long has this been goin’ on?
You’ve been creepin’ ’round on me
While you’re callin’ me “baby”
How long has this been goin’ on?

Charlie admitted in an interview with Access Hollywood that the brutally honest lyrics are about something he has experienced in life.

Published on Sep 8, 2019

Kroft’s coda on the broadcast was an investigation into bank fraud—and what could be the biggest money-laundering scheme in history. See the full report on Kroft’s retirement, here:

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