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These NUKE communities are ‘bat shit’ crazy! When will they ever learn that the decommissioning company just takes the money and runs and THEY pick up the tab – it has always been that way and it won’t stop anytime soon – WAKE UP SHEEPLE!! JEEZ!!

Protestors Speak Out at NRC Public Meeting (Re Transfer of Pilgrim Nuclear License to Holtec)


    • I – for one – am tired of paying for others inability to handle their own affairs, be informed and just plain being blissfully ignorant. THE WORLD PAYS FOR THAT INABILITY AND IGNORANCE – THEY MUST STEP UP – get off of the fuckin’ cellphone, up off the couch, out into community participation take CARE OF YOUR FUTURE – OR GET OUT OF THE WAY AND LET SOMEONE WHO KNOWS BETTER TAKE OVER YOUR AFFAIRS. We all have to live on this planet – and we are ALL RESPONSIBLE to be informed, self-educated if necessary and concerned for the future THEIRS AND MINE!

  1. One thing I recently learned is that to petition to intervene for licensing – relicensing, etc, or anything else you have to be within 50 miles of the NPS, and have some sort of reason – like if you have a farm within 50 miles of the site. If you have a farm 55 miles then you are fxcked. Then there are some special Atomic something or another judges who decide if you “have standing”. If you don’t live within 50 miles of the nuclear facility and don’t represent them you don’t have a prayer of getting standing to be heard. You can show up and complain at NRC meetings to no avail. It’s also hard to keep track of what’s going on. Each nuclear site needs a watchdog and then networking but it just doesn’t exist. Most of the USA is poor and people work multiple jobs to survive. They aren’t teaching NPS nor that they are legally leaking in environmental courses, either, I don’t think. I’ve taken these courses within science and social science and we students heard that they were leaking but thought it illegal dumping. I know that some American Indians have repeatedly appeared for years before that board to stop a uranium mine (Dewey Burdock). The judge who was favorable to them suddenly died. They have to have lawyers. It is tough. The head of San Onofre Safety didn’t know for many years that San Onofre was dangerous. Then she got a wake up call by something (I forget what). The only big success I know of was Louisiana stopping a uranium enrichment facility and sending it to New Mexico (URENCO-LES). And, that wasn’t a success for the poor in NM. Nuclear is like property developers – they wait till the activists die and then they come back around.

    • Repressed and consequently ignorant people are the result of why the US is in the DEEP SHIT it’s in when it comes to Nukes.. and most other areas for that matter. This is what happens when you destroy the public education system and economic opportunity – more AGENDA 21.

      • I think that white racists have repeatedly shot everyone in the foot (including white people) in an attempt to deny former slaves their rights through mass migration, underfunding education, etc. However, the mystery remains of why the Irish are still not even welcomed in Ireland. My hypothesis, however, is supported by the British bringing people from India to Jamaica (after the Irish revolted against going) and to British Guyana. I’ve repeatedly read it was to deny the former slaves rights. The central mystery is Ireland though – maybe because they have fought for their rights. Ireland allows immigrants as the native Irish leave seeking employment STILL.

  2. Holtec’s not even a company as we commonly think of it, but a family business. It is apparently owned (we don’t really know) by an individual named Kris Pal Singh who is from the area of Bihar India (historic opium processing area) and graduated from a low tier engineering school BTI (supposedly) and supposedly earned grad degrees from U of Penn (though he may have gotten them through pity, bribery, or because profs were embarrassed to say they couldn’t understand him or maybe since it is private everyone gets their degree). He has a track record of bribery. At any rate, there is nothing in his background which says he knows anything about the impacts of nuclear on materials or general corrosion – as opposed to macro mechanical engineering. He brings in foreign engineers on H1B who he can blame for problems when the inevitable blow up occurs. Holtec wouldn’t even give US gov lawyers any information about their waste cans or cost. He comes across all nice when he gets his way but lately not acting so nice when challenged. Energy Solutions is another mystery private company handling dismantlement and waste. Apart from Goldman Sachs “alumnus” Doug Kimmelman I had come up with one or two other names connected to ownership of Energy Solutions. Manafort bros worked cleaning one up (as well as 911) and is family Paul Manafort and his apparently corrupt father. We don’t know if Paul’s connected because it is private. After thinking that Singh just wants to kill us all, if you look at papers Singh wrote, I think he’s just ignorant. He married an American and seems happily married so I doubt he hates us all – plus they own three houses in the St. Lucie fallout zone. I think he’s stupid but sly.

    I do think the Rocky Flats waste was put in sandbags for Katrina, though I can’t prove it. The corporation gave supposedly empty bags but they could have trucked in the filler materials. And, yes, Lockheed-Martin illegally burned and disposed of waste as part of the cleanup but as a large corporation they can’t as easily disappear.

    • These communities who ‘buy into nukes’ are told GOING IN how the decommissioning piece works; who pays and that they (the community) is totally responsible for all work that ends up being incomplete or inferior once the ‘pre-designated’ budget is exhausted.. I HAVE NO SYMPATHY FOR ANY OF THEM!! THEY MUST NOW LEARN THE HARD WAY WHILE THE REST OF US SUFFER FOR THEIR SHORTSIGHTEDNESS and NAIVETY!

      BTW.. I remember hearing the same thing on ‘the net’ that sandbags for Katrina were filled with Rocky Flats specifically nuclear waste product. How many OTHER storm sand bags were consisting of the same over and over again!! I bet much more than we will ever know.. what a great way to dump low/high level waste – IT’S PERFECT!! lolrotf.. 😊😆😝😜💩💀

      • I think that California was the only one who had the opportunity to vote for or against nuclear. Maybe New Hampshire. People weren’t given a choice if they even knew the reactors were being dumped on them. They are disproportionately in poor black communities, too, and in the south. Grand Gulf is on an American Indian mound and in the poorest most black counties in the USA. Those overpriced NPS jacked up the cost of electricity and there were many lawsuits. They hide them up in the woods where no one even knows they are there. These people at Pilgrim have tried to get Holtec to talk to them but NRC just rolls over them.
        Those who got the reactors are victims, as are those getting the waste.

        I am sure that I am the original source for that idea about Katrina. I have put it as comments years ago – 2014 or 2015.

        • I’ve been following MiningAwareness for going on 3 years now – so I must have seen your original release on that stat about Katrina sandbags. And.. are you saying (since I’m from California and wouldn’t know) that the utility is not required to explain that Nukes are going in BEFORE they plan and build them? The utility gets to choose what ‘power platforms’ they will operate “on their own” w/o consultation or public comment? That is fuckin’ CRAZY! But still.. whenever PG&E decided on Nukes it was Hotly Debated for YEARS before – but then the Coastal Commission sold us out – and allowed them to Fuck up our coast with Nukes. The only one we were able to stop before completion was Bodega Head on the North Coast at Bodega Bay and possibly Mendocino County nuke plans. I used to go rock climbing on that giant hole in the ground at Bodega, you can visibly SEE the fault lines on Bodega Head with an untrained eye – it’s on the San Andreas for Christs sake!!

          But – I STILL do not forgive all those communities for NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO THEIR OWN BACKYARD!! We killed Rancho Seco, San Onofre, Bodega Head, Mendocino and now we’re targeting Diablo Canyon the last one left!

          • Most states don’t have referendums. So, no they weren’t asked. Some communities haven’t even gotten the promised revenue sharing. The reactor in the Miss. Delta doesn’t have needed emergency management monies. These local communities are very very small, that’s the trick, I think. You would think that educated Boston would have taken more interest in Pilgrim, however. They probably didn’t know it was there. There are nukes all over France, but none near Paris, by the way. I don’t think I put anything on the Katrina sandbags though I might have sneaked it in someplace as a hypothesis. Some of the things that are hypothetical I’ve given to the owner of the Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle and she posts them on different sites sometimes. The newer nukes they have public consultation and have managed to stop some – not based on voting but things like environmental racism. Entergy has recently given money to Alcorn State historically black university by Grand Gulf Nuclear to buy their silence. They are only a few miles away.

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