Woman who said she was too pretty for jail gets no time

THIS WHITE BITCH GETS ARRESTED AND TAKEN TO JAIL FOR BREAKING THE LAW – BUT COMPLAINS THAT SHE IS “PRETTY GIRL” AND SHOULDN’T BE IN JAIL WITH “THE UGLY PEOPLE”!? And evidently the Judge agreed- he issued a small fine, no jail time and release from custody on “her own recognizance”.. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT????  Maybe YOU should try telling the cops and the judge next time your arrested “I AM A PRETTY BOY/GIRL” AND MAYBE YOU WILL GET THE SAME GOOD TREATMENT.. lolrotf  ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,  ha, ha.. 😊😜

 Inside Edition

Lauren Cutshaw went viral last year when she said she was too pretty to go to jail after she was arrested for DUI. The judge in her case seems to agree as Cutshaw, 34, is being given a sweet deal, including no time behind bars. She even gets to keep her driver’s license. Cutshaw, a real estate agent from South Carolina, was pulled over after blowing through a stop sign at more than twice the speed limit on Aug. 5, 2018. Her bratty whining on the way to jail caused the incident to go viral.




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  1. It’s actually worth trying. I heard similar stories from students that I taught. It is important to remember that each police department is very different and depends a lot on the police chief. Some are terrible and some are ok. And, I know from personal experience that if you are “nice” sometimes the police will go easy but if you are not “nice” they will try to put you in jail when you did nothing. We were pulled over going to get a new drivers license (before work) after someone stole mine. I was like where were you when my license was stolen and the police threatened me and it’s a wonder I hadn’t gotten thrown in jail. I wasn’t the driver and maybe that’s why. The location and how you are dressed and the police department in question matter a lot, too. I was nearly thrown in jail for wearing an Anti-Apartheid t-shirt back in the day. Some places police may go easier on women and the elderly some places but the airports security harass those who look helpless – the elderly and women.

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