Clive Davis: The soundtrack of our lives!

I think it’s clear that my blogsite is not known for “Deep Diving” into ANY story or news item – for that I apoligize. But there are certain subjects/histories that I MUST EXPOSE as the “Powers that Be” bring down the greatest music producer who ever liver – Mr. Clive Davis, CBS Records. There is a movie of the title above that must be see, recognized and appreciated if you dare speak to know the history of modern music! They tried to DESTROY his life and career but he managed to conquer the odds and come up with ARISTA RECORDS – based in Sausalito, California in a warehouse on the Bay with a studio known as the Record Plant, a sacred place that recorded many, many artists of the 1990s through the 2000s such artists as my namesake. This man is the “Spirit of Modern Music” following Mitch Miller who dictated CBS Records for many years with his “sing along with Mitch” TV show. If you want to know the REAL story of modern music — jazz, folk, rock^roll, blues, R&B, pop, mainstream elevator and country/western music. MUST SEE HISTORIC MOVIE!!

I leave it to YOU to do the DEEP DIVE if you’re interested.. I promise you will be both surprised and amazed!!

Clive Davis: The soundtrack of our lives! Check it out – if you disagree or course you are always welcome to comment in the Comment Section and it is likely that I WILL RESPOND TO EACH ONE!!

I dont have a link here but it is on NETFLIX and AMAZON!

Thanks very much for your support.. it really means a lot to me!


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