India Management Consulting Firm Agrees to $2.5 million Global Settlement in North Texas for Visa Fraud-Inducing Aliens to Enter & Remain in the United States | Mining Awareness +

This issue is too personally close to me to comment fairly.. but suffice it to say it has been going on, with India, for many decades. THIS IS NOT RECENT NOR IS IT PROPERLY CONTAINED YET!

Call your Senators ASAP to oppose S386, which needs to have public hearings and be debated rather than rammed through:

This investigation was started pre-Trump. One of Trump’s largest donors was the Republican Hindu coalition and its head. That may be why the company-owners seem to have been let off easy.

Indian management consulting firm agrees to $2.5 million global settlement in North Texas for visa fraud, inducing aliens to enter US


  1. You’ll remember we had a long discussion about this and my specifics in particular I’m going to have to look up that post that I did because I don’t really want to repeat myself and then I’ll just post a link to the original blog. I pretty much said everything I had to say then and I don’t really want to comment on it anymore because there’s other things to do and I hate to keep saying it but I’m only one guy. So you’re right thanks for the heads up I’ll take some time and I’ll look at that link and I’ll repost it but I’m not going to throw any more commentary at that subject from today forward although I do hear what you’re saying and you’re right I just don’t have the bandwidth.

  2. This is the other link. They operate just like I figured they did. We are lucky that this person from India was honest enough to study it – maybe because they are in the Netherlands and/or untouchable caste. Telugu people put out a notice that there is a Bernie Sanders hotline re S386! How many Americans know? Probably two or three:

  3. Thanks for the reblog! It’s because it is close to you that you need to comment. Your voice needs to be heard. But, maybe because I now understand it’s been causing problems for over 50 years – for me, my spouse, my father, and more globally. Not just India, but there are more of them. Around the time that they capped immigration ca 1920 my grandfathers had trouble finding work. You know NIkki Haley – family friend/relative of Holtec’s Kris Singh and former gov of SC/Trump UN Amb’s? Her father taught agriculture at a historically black college in SC. I don’t believe for a second that they couldn’t have found a black American PhD to teach and a Masters would have been good enough. He had done his PhD in Canada too. I know Tuskeegee was putting out PhDs by ca 1920s and probably far earlier, because someone told me their father had one from there. spent many hours trying to find out when they started giving PhDs. Before the latest 50 years of invasion of PhDs from abroad a Masters was good enough to teach at a college. What lit me afire on this topic was when they said that Nikki Haley was the first Indian governor of SC. And, I was like: Well, that’s nice, they’ve finally gotten an American Indian governor – but NO, it was an Asian-Indian governor. The treaties say “Indian” so before you know it they will be claiming that. The thing is that the change in immigration was voted around 1965 but didn’t go into effect until 1969 and so they hurried to Canada and here to do their studies – not just India, mind you, but rich Middle Easterners, too, and more. By the way, the other reblog didn’t work for some reason. It’s weird.

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