Glenn Greenwald Interviews Brazil’s ex-President Lula From Prison

This is an excellent opportunity for those who are interested to learn about Brasil and the most popular President of the Left (PT) party – Lula. I don’t speak enough Portuguese to forego the English CC but I knew enough that I was able to follow what the CC missed most of the time.. in any case this is a very recent (May 2019) interview and a very rare chance to listen to Lula who was released from Prison – where he is serving a sentence for a crime he never committed – especially for this interview!

If you have an interest in Brasilian Politics and recent History this is an outstanding opportunity to hear Lula talk about his Presidency and the PT party, his downfall and imprisonment so that he could not run against

Bolsinaro. Bolsinaro would never have won if Lula was a free man and ran against him! But alas – corruption is “baked in” to Brasilian Politics and History. The good news is there are still – so far – presidential term limits and no President or party can remain more than 8 years!

Watch and learn..

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Among the planet’s significant political figures, no one is quite like Lula. Born into extreme poverty, illiterate until the age of 10, forced to quit school at the age of 12 to work as a shoe shiner, losing a finger at his factory job at 19, and then becoming a labor activist, union leader, and founder of a political party devoted to a defense of laborers (the Workers’ Party, or PT), Lula has always been, in all respects, the exact opposite of the rich, dynastic, oligarch-loyal, aristocratic prototype that has traditionally wielded power in Brazil.

That’s precisely what makes Lula’s rise to power, and his incomparable success once he obtained it, so extraordinary. And that’s what, to this very day, makes him so worth listening to regarding the world’s most complex and pressing political questions: As the ascension of right-wing nationalism and populism at times seems unstoppable, Lula is one of the world’s very few political figures of the last several decades able to figure out how to win national elections in a large country based on left-wing populism in the best sense of that term. Translation by Andrew Nevins For more, read Glenn Greenwald’s full article:…

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