CrossTalk: Now, impeachment hoax!

Czar-T.. Lootin Putin’s Kremlin network featuring this fuckin’ dumbass dude Peter Lavelle, a Putin TotieStooge on the Russians RT Flagship News program is not calling the case for Impeachment – A FUCKIN’ HOAX??!! YA JUST CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP.. 😊

I only publish this post in the interest of “fair reporting” and “equal access to my site” I did it.. but DO NOT BE FOOLED by this Content please! 

Sep 27, 2019

It has always been only a matter of time. Impeachment has always been on the agenda. Settling on the issue and process were the sticking points. The Democrats and the liberal media are aiming to remove Trump from office over a phone call to the Ukrainian president. What could possibly go wrong? CrossTalking with Rob Taub, Lionel, and Christopher Neiweem.


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