President Trump confirms letter to Speaker Pelosi on Impeachment

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Oct 4, 2019

President Trump confirms the White House will send a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying the administration will not cooperate with congressional demands until the House votes formally on an impeachment inquiry. He also says that he has been treated unfairly and that he has an “obligation” and a “duty” to find out about corruption in the 2016 campaign. Full video here:…


    • thanks for that – I always prefer one word instead of a list of prepositional phrases, adjectives and pronuouns – even though, at times when I’m using filler I love euphemisms and colloquialisms. I LIKE IT and I will use it. thanks again works for me. 😊

      • I doubt anyone knows what mendacity is anymore, though. I guess they can look it up. That idea actually came from “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”. I wasn’t able to understand Burl Ives fake southern accent when I first saw the movie. When I saw it more recently I could understand him. Maybe it helped that I could rewind on youtube, which you couldn’t on TV. I always thought he said “I am mendacity… I am a living lie”, but he said “Ain’t that mendacity” (or “Ain’t it”). When I first saw the movie, English teachers hadn’t succeeded in killing off ain’t yet, so I was familiar with the word. Now ain’t is quaint. My Latin teacher explained that ain’t used to be correct. Of course, that misunderstanding ruined the movie, which is one more reason to hire local. Why hire someone from Illinois (Burl Ives) to pretend they are from Mississippi? I managed to have math teachers that spoke English but so many Americans are poor in math (and STEM) because they’ve been having teachers they can’t understand for so many decades. They were complaining by the 1980s and it really goes back to further – probably the 1950s. When I was in college one of two physics professors was from India and would only give one “A”. If everyone made 96, 97, 98 grades then only the 98 would get the “A”. Now that was absurd and I think we can guess what ethnicity got the “A”. This was disasterous for pre-meds who needed “A”s. I didn’t wake up to the Asians are smarter in STEM lie until I watched a Chinese highrise fall over. Then I said: if they are all so damned smart why did their highrise just fall over?

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