Baby, it’s cold outside..😊

I intended to begin this first day of a new month of October with my first post being of Music. But alas – my insanity for the news cycle got to me first.. LOL. However this Classic should make up for what I missed first thing this a.m. ..Β  πŸ‘€πŸ˜³πŸ˜Ž

Ray Charles had dozens of famous hits – “let the good times roll”, “Georgia” and “I got a woman” just to name a few – but THIS one is my favorite Duet Classic of All Time.. BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE with Betty Carter who had a few hits of her own – “Droppin Things” and “I’m yours, your mine” to name but two.. the one thing that makes me sad is that there are NO LIVE PERFORMANCES IN EXISTENCE OF THIS COMPOSITION! .. so, sit back; roll a fatty; pour your favorite beverage and ENJOY THIS MOST AMAZING ARTISTIC ENDEAVOR.. 😳😊



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