(SPECIAL) The Rachel Maddow Show 10/6/19 | MSNBC News Today October 6, 2019

From 1965 – 1974, almost 10 years I endured the worst 9 years of my life! Where were YOU during what I call the Decade be Damned, in the war? Or praying for a loved one who was? Or planning a ‘bug-out’ for when your draft notice arrived? Or were you anxious to go ‘kill some gooks’? This Maddow Special will bring it all back again for you to review.. 

The only difference here is; we have 3 never-ending wars going on and we have a rogue President that is just “Bat Shit” fuckin’ Crazy. Otherwise the similarities are shocking.

Oh BTW – your AdBlocker won’t block the ads at the end of this video either!!! FUCK YOU RACHEL!!

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