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We continue our exploration of the recent update shared by the team behind the groundbreaking scientific experiment, the SAFIRE Project. As described in our recent interviews with physicist Wal Thornhill, the SAFIRE Project is an independent audit of the electric sun model, first proposed by engineer Ralph Juergens in the 1970’s. As Thornhill noted, Thunderbolts colleague Dr. Donald Scott also extended Juergen’s electric sun model through his recognition of what is called the PNP transistor action of anode tufts or photospheric granulations on the Sun, which were successfully reproduced in SAFIRE’s Phase One proof of concept.

Today, Dr. Scott shares his thoughts on SAFIRE’s most exciting results to date, including evidence for low energy nuclear transmutations. PLEASE NOTE: Under the title THE SAFIRE PROJECT, Aurtas International Inc. was contracted by The International Science Foundation to empirically test the Electric Sun Model. Aurtas International Inc. is an independent body which has no affiliation with The Electric Universe, The Electric Sun or The Thunderbolts Project.

The SAFIRE team’s 2019 update:…

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