Indigenous student’s disappearance just one in epidemic of missing native women | Nightline

Women on native american reservation  towns and schools are “open game” for the White Nationalist crowd – this is a subject I am close to for many reasons, the least being I am native american too.. I don’t post about it much, as it can be painful for me but this one is DIFFERENT! Watch and learn.. in a way, it’s a 300 year old story that has never ended – and never will! 😳😑😯😮😩😫😵😠😡

The photo is a famous Blackfoot Chief you wouldn’t know anyway.. but more important check the quality of the blanket on his left arm.. WOW! The tribe was famous for their exquisite fine weavings, blankets, saddle pads and rugs.


Also available on Hulu Ashley Loring Heavy Runner vanished in 2017. She’s just one of nearly 6,000 missing indigenous women. A complicated, underfunded justice system often leaves these sometimes violent crimes unsolved.

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