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The entire World of Democratic government has just been made history! World Democracy is a 3-legged stool and The Trumpanzee just demolished one of the legs (the EU Coalition – the other two being the USA and the Global Democratic Alliance/United Nations) and we all know a 2-legged stool cannot stand on it’s own. Once Turkey goes in and makes JUST ONE KILL – JUST ONE – the world becomes a VERY DIFFERENT PLACE – POSSIBLY FOREVER or at least the rest of YOUR lifetimes! Immediately after that UKRAINE will fall. YOU are responsible, you had a humanitarian obligation to the World to ‘short change’ this robbery. YOU SHOULD HAVE GIVEN ‘Queen Sissy-DumbAss Doofus, the cumsucking bottomdwelling Liar-in chief, megalomaniacal, psychopathic sociopath💩🐷’ “THE HOOK” long before now.

NOW – it is too late, you procrastinated and waited too long! And to this DumbAss fuckin’ day all you can focus on is a fuckin’ phone call and a couple of fuckin’ Whistleblowers talking about that SAME FUCKIN’ PHONE CALL?? Is that your ‘A’ game? PATHETIC!!!!

I saw NO PROTESTS in the streets; think Iraq and Hong Kong, I saw no high-level diplomatic red flags or actions, I saw no pressure from ‘the people’ on their representatives, I saw no effort from the Citizenry of this country to block this travesty – AND I STILL SEE NONE TODAY! WTF! 👀😳😵😠😡 you will suffer your own neglect when they come for YOU next.. AND THEY WILL!!

My guess is: All this was a Quid Pro Quo – DJT is all about Quid Pro Quo – if Erdogan promised to “deep six” the video, audio, documented and indisputable evidence of the Khassoggi killing against MBS;  in exchange The Trumpanzee would give up the Kurds and N. Syria and allow ASSAD a backdoor path to return to power with LootinPutin’s help and support behind the scenes. After all LootinPutin has been quiet as a church mouse lately!!

My opinion and I’m stickin’ to it.

Communiqué of the union Solidaires: 
 NO to the invasion of northern Syria by Turkey! 
Article published on October 8, 2019 
Demonstration Saturday, October 12, meeting at 14h place of the Republic Communiqué of the union Solidaires 
For a week, not a day goes by without Erdogan issuing an ultimatum in the US announcing the outbreak of a military operation against the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES, Rojava) .

These threats took a more ominous turn on the night of Sunday, October 6 to Monday 07, with the announcement by the US of the withdrawal of their troops from the area planned by Turkey to start its operations, around the town of Girê Spi. (Tel Abyad). The US has also announced that it will not intervene in the conflict that will occur, which is tantamount to validating Turkey’s invasion plans. Not that we support the intervention of the imperialist states in the wars in the Middle East, but let us be realistic: facing the second army of NATO, the courage of the Syrian Democratic Forces is not enough. The tragedy of the Afrin region has already shown us.


  1. Thanks for the reblog translate. I posted it in French “as is” with the hope that French troops on the ground would save the day. I noticed that most things seem to be in English or Arabic. It is a well-written piece. I decided that no salvation was going to come from the English speaking world and mention was made of French special forces being on the ground nearby. French special forces can be really good at what they do. So, posting it in French was a recognition that the English speaking world was hopeless and also too much pride in my French language skills to use auto-translate without correction. The auto-translate for French is generally better than I would ever have imagined possible 20 years ago. I appreciate the other attempted reblogs, too.

    • Whenever you do your ‘deep dive’ work into a subject I realize two things: the passion you are expressing on the subject and the effort you put forth to get it out. So I try to reblog those posts especially. My comments are trivial and don’t always necessarily contribute to the substance of the post but – as is my nature – I have strong feelings on the subject as well with my own twist in expressing it. I hope you’re OK with that. I think the difference is you are speaking to a ‘global’ audience primarily and I am speaking to ‘random local’ audiences who may or may not have an interest. Nonetheless, when I do speak to the subject it is because I have a serious emotional and humanitarian concern I am trying to address.

      You mentioned ‘attempted’ reblogs – what is missing and maybe I can do a more complete effort next time. Great work you are doing.. 😊

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