Grand Solar Minimum

We are now entering already the coming Grand Solar Minimum. You have 5-10 years to prepare, no more than 10. This is why you see the global chaotic weather patterns, catastrophic crop failures, one years rain total in ONE DAY, giant hailstorms, shortened growing seasons both Northern and Southern Hemisphere, VEI 4+ volcanic eruptions (this is when SuperVolcanoes tend to blow huge holes in the earth and blow gigatons of gases and earth into the stratosphere), and ‘missing’ large earthquakes that are absent from the norm – but will still happen albeit not as often. These ALL can increase year-by-year logarithmically and intensify in strength for the next 50-80 years. 

It is a NATURAL cycle that happens around every 400-415 years with our Star – it CAN NOT be avoided or stopped but must be endured and tolerated. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH co2 but has EVERYTHING to do with the Sun Cycles. All you can do is PREP and LEARN HOW TO SURVIVE IT – it is survivable – that is why we are all still here but it will be extreme and difficult if you are NOT prepared! I advise you begin your prepping yesterday!! 😊

You have a lot to learn that you know nothing about today – knowledge, education, learning new skills, studying the past which has much to offer and working together as a group of like-minded people. YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE THIS ALONE!

Nov 6, 2018
A grand solar minimum is likely later this century.

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