They Are NOT Telling You THIS About Saturn…It Used To Be Something Else Entirely!

Earth and Mars were previously planets of Saturn – that’s right you heard me right. And there is a very good chance that Venus was ejected from Saturn attempting to stabilize it’s electric potential when it came too close to the Sun. It is likely that there are other planets originally attached to Saturn – our original Sun – as well but we’re still determining that now. This video explains it pretty well but there are other papers available on the Net that go into much more detail. WE ARE SATURNIANS! We live in an Electric Plasma Universe.. the SUN is NOT a giant fusion reactor!!

Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries

Oct 10, 2019
Did Saturn used to be something else? Was Saturn a brown dwarf star where planet Earth resided during the Golden Age? Perhaps during the Saturn Polar Configuration? This would be possible if our Sun and stars are electric.
 Further reading on the Earth/Saturn connection..

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