A Potentially Damaging Week Ahead For President Donald Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC

And the ‘hits’ just keep on comin’.. and comin’.. and comin.. and comin’.. when will he win his RED JUMPSUIT?  Hell.. with all those hits seems she would have earned and be wearing it after being ‘perp walked’ to his final resting cell by now! 

Oct 14, 2019

Fiona Hill, Trump’s former top aide on Russia and Europe, is set to appear before Congress this week and Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the EU, is also to testify in front of Congress that ‘no quid pro quo’ came from the president. Aired on 14/10/19.


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  3. I think that he’s going to go hide out in Russia or Turkey so he can’t be extradited. Not sure if Turkey has extradition but I know that Russia doesn’t. He reminds me of the South African Guptas. As soon as apartheid was gone, their father sent them from India to fleece the new country and they did. They hired a PR firm to accuse those who said they were thieves of racism. Then when they finally got caught they took the money and ran to the UAE. Oh, come to think of it, maybe Trump will hide out in Saudi. Collapsed building in NOLA belonged to a real estate magnate from India – Kailas family. The son went to jail for defrauding the US gov. At least the Italians and Creoles (and Irish) had pride in their construction. Somehow I think that Carlos Marcello loved the French Quarter and NOLA because it’s after he died in 1993 that things started falling apart – now literally. The Mariott hotel, built in 1973, is still standing in the background of the Kailas family fiasco. What’s more they knocked down the historic (Civil Right era) Woolworth’s building to put the now collapsed monstrosity. I have long considered the New Orleans highrises an engineering marvel considering the high water-table and soil. But, this was a basic construction failure! Thanks for the reblogs. BTW, the TEPCO reblog didn’t work.

    • Damn it man. I spent a lot of time on that Fukushima Reblog as the subject is close to my heart – and I believe next to Kevin, Strontium Milks and Dana I may be next in the list for paying CLOSE attention to press about Fukushima – I KNOW TEPCO and NHK and Asahi Shinbun or sometihg like that… ! Japan prosecuted the wrong guys – TEPCO CEO and 2 other officers when they SHOULD have prosecuted GE, Wilcox/Babcock and CB&I who built more than a dozen plants in Japan including Daiichi; and don’t even get me started on the US Navy Sailors who were sent directly into the PLUME while it was happening on the USS Reagan Fleet/Task Force – then DENIED their case in Court while they are all dying!! That was SO BOGUS and underhanded when they “took down” ENENEWS site – NOW they have a “knock-off” site called Energy News (EN-NEWS). If you have any insight on that please let me know..

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