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That was a great dialogue with numbersusa- even I learned a couple of things I didn’t know before. And John all too often gets some of the subject-matter specifics wrong. But the way I look at it – and this is my personal view – is he exposes subjects in his diatribes that are totally off the radar generally speaking and I consider that “education by entertainment” which actually may be the most useful and accessible form of education today.. sad but true .. lol.

I on the other hand watch him because he is humorous, absurd and hard-hitting and he is one of the things I use these days instead of drugs to “calm down”, laugh a little, smile, roll a fatty, enjoy being entertained by ‘someone else’ for a change and as a much needed form of distraction and relaxation in light of what I spend most of my waking hours doing normally. I DO NOT look to John for enlightenment on complex issues/subjects or for expertise in something I may not have known – for me he is my “medication” when it’s “Miller time” he’s easy-to-watch, fast moving and not just comedy for comedy sake – he is usually saying something relevant about the absurdity of life today albeit not necessarily as a subject matter expert. 😳😊😎

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From Numbers USA:
Reaction: John Oliver’s segment on legal immigration
PUBLISHED:  Mon, OCT 14th 2019 @ 2:58 pm EDT  by  Jeremy Beck
NumbersUSA’s Jeremy Beck (Media Standards Director), Grant Newman (Government Relations Chief of Staff), and Rob Harding (Sustainability Communications Manager) discuss John Oliver’s segment on legal immigration [1].

JEREMY: So John Oliver dedicated one of his popular monologues to legal immigration. He broke down the legal system for immigrants and non-immigrants. What did you think?

GRANT: I like John Oliver, but I’ve noticed a trend- while I enjoy most of his videos, when he gets into things I know a lot about, I just get annoyed. Perhaps I shouldn’t hold such a high standard for someone trying to condense massively complex systems into a 20-minute segment with jokes, but it’s about what you’d expect.

JEREMY: There is actually a phenomenon called the Gell-Man Amnesia effect, where you see a story on a subject you know well and say to yourself “this person has no idea what they are talking about!” but then see another story by the same person – this time on a subject you know very little about – and say “wow, I never knew that!”

GRANT: Don’t ruin late night comedy for me.


  1. I have told my best friend in California – who has been struggling to pay off his house with an original 15 mortgage. Seems everytime he gets close some repair needs to be done, or he’s fined because he parked his car on his lawn so he could wash his truck in the driveway, or he went over his water ration during drought becase of a foundation water leak he didn’t catch right away, or his taxes go up, or his SSA payment gets screwed up, or, or, or, or.. he’s been in the house now for 40 years and is still paying the bank on his ORIGINAL mortgage which by now has ballooned x4 and his appraisals are going south because the house is now 50+ years old and he can’t sell for any profit at all — AFTER 50 YEARS!!

    Back to my original thought – I tell him all the time he is living in a FEMA camp that HE pays for with NO BARS and free access to food, clothing and resources that keep going up and up and up!! I have been telling him for 20 years to just sell for the best price he can get – take the money and run to ANYWHERE outside the USA that he can by a homestead and live out the rest of his life HAPPY instead of BANGIN’ HIS HEAD AGAINST THE FUCKIN’ WALL BECAUSE IT FEEL GOOD WHEN HE STOPS!! LOLROTF 😊

    OR stay there unhappy, broke as hell, paying EVERYONE ELSE and gaining NO BENEFIT! THAT is what I call a FEMA camp with no fences, no locked gates and free reign to move about whenever you like as long as you can afford the gas and the “cover charge”.. after 20 years now, he is more underwater with his house than he was 20 years ago and “drowning in debt”! But he just can’t OPEN HIS EYES AND SEE!!

    We don’t talk much anymore these days.. that’s HIS American Dream!! 😳😯😮😖😫😵😠😡

  2. I think he should not have been allowed to immigrate and we could watch him online from the uk. I still aspire to a nasty take down of what he said in that vid. I am mostly British and have no right of return so why the fuck is he here and then he tells us f-off. Americans can be funny too, in fact funnier. I won’t be watching any immigrants anymore, but am gratefull you drew attetion to the vid.

    • Thanks I hear ya.. my job is to put reality “in yo face” and inspire vigorous debate and expose diverse opinion. My goal is to promote thought, inspire new dialogue with others, expose news reality that most outlets don’t – or won’t and keep it ALL in yo face daily.. LOL The best part of my blog is the email and commentary I see and hear – the more the better – that is how I know I’m achieving my goal of supplying “Everything you don’t know that you don’t know..” 😊 I can think of some much worse immigrants we “let in”.. Henry Kissinger for one is high on my list!

    • We endure a lot of stress in our line of work, daily, it’s good to blow off a little steam when you feel strongly about something.. sorry to stress you out, not my intention, but at least I know – now – I’m doin’ MY job.. LOLROTF 👀😳😯😮😖😵😆😝😜

      • I really appreciate your reblog. Anything immigration stresses me out, but no one else is doing anything. To me it’s not got to do with good or bad immigrant but fairness. They come but we can’t go. It’s unfair that we are still treated like a colony of Britain, too. The UK created our India problem. Trump’s mother was their trailer park trash allowed here during the depression, when Americans were starving. Kissinger was a refugee who came via the UK in 1938. He’s one of the Jews we supposedly didn’t help. We got Kushner in the same way. I think we needed to take the refugees still. Meyer Lansky was a refugee of pograms. I recently decided that even though Asian-Indians are more dangerous due to quantity, sending British still is more unfair. Many of the Asian-Indians are coming via Britain and Canada (e.g. Nikki Haley’s parents). But, we started taking people from India when the UK didn’t want them. What pissed me off the most was his saying that once the farmers died there’s plenty of room for immigrants. I don’t think he was joking. We don’t let in true talents, either. Plus, even those of us who have studied the question for decades can get fooled by his facile explanations. It was actually a British professor who helped me understand the unfairness in the system, along with my failures trying to help a refugee, who never got that status.

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