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Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war has killed thousands of Filipinos. It is time for the United States to stop enabling human rights violations by ending military aid to the Philippines.

BUT.. it’s worse than that, Duterte has threatened the US to close it’s sprawling military base in Subic Bay if the US cuts off $$ to him! SO THE USA PAYS THE BRIBE!!!! The photo is worth a thousand words.. LOL

It is a hard decision to post this show. I don’t in any way support this misanthrope Duterte’s campaign of murder and genocide on the Phillipine populace – on the other hand – it NEEDS to be exposed for what it is – GENOCIDE! Since it is more fact than fiction I decided to post it. Remember – Duterte is funded and fully support by The Trumpanzee and and US Military and his actions against his own people are rewarded with foreign aid programs.. https://jacobinmag.com/2019/10/philippines-duterte-united-states-military-aid


Soon coming to a neighborhood near you.. laugh if you want to!!

A searing, on-the-ground look at President Rodrigo Duterte’s deadly campaign against suspected drug dealers and users in the Philippines. “On the President’s Orders” is told with unprecedented access to the police themselves. It offers a gripping, visually stunning window into the war on drugs — those carrying it out, and those most impacted by it.

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