Turkish Government-Owned Bank Charged in US Federal Court for Its Participation in a Multibillion-Dollar Iranian Sanctions Evasion Scheme; Bank Worked with Trump Istanbul Tenant-Giuliani Client

And the Plot sickens, and sickens, and sickens, and sickens..

Mining Awareness + ~ Critical Info & Awareness  Monday, Oct. 21, 2019

Iranian born Reza Zarrab, central to the sanctions evasion scheme, was a Trump Towers Istanbul tenant and Giuliani client. “Trump Urged Top Aide to Help Giuliani Client Facing DOJ Charges” By Nick Wadhams, Saleha Mohsin, Stephanie Baker, and Jennifer Jacobs Wednesday, October 09, 2019 22:27:11, Bloomberg, https://archive.li/kUpPy As reported by Bloomberg: “Zarrab’s release was a high priority for Erdogan until the gold trader agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in New York.” So, is the whole point of Trump Tower(s) to link together money laundering and sanctions evasion schemes?

In April 2017, media reported that negotiations involving the U.S. and Turkish governments were undergoing, to the effect that Zarrab would be extradited to Turkey while in return “Turkey would be much less resistant to the US’s missions in Syria…” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reza_Zarrab

This sanctions evasion scheme connects both Erdogan and Trump to Iran. Iran, in turn, is connected to Assad and Hezbollah, as well as Russia. Is this why Trump has allowed Syrian Democratic Forces to be slaughtered? https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2019/10/11/trump-towers-istanbul-tenant-giuliani-client-zarrab-was-central-to-an-iranian-sanctions-busting-money-laundering-scheme/

Sounds something like Iran-Contra, and many of the players are the same. This Turkish government owned bank seems to play a role something like BCCI.https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2019/01/16/trump-ag-pick-barrs-troubling-record-recommended-iran-contra-pardons-blocked-bcci-indictment-refused-to-appoint-special-counsel-for-iraqgate-shared-memo-on-obstruction-with-trump-lawyers/


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  1. Thanks for the reblog. It’s easy to forget that Trump Tower was called by someone – I think Wayne Barrett – a monument to the mob. Based on research I suspect that William Barr’s father and Ghislaine Maxwell’s father ran some clandestine operations to get weapons to fight for Israeli independence; Barr maybe tied into the IRA on his mother’s side. IRB and IRA were funded through US Irish pubs. In quest of indy from the UK, some Israelis and Irish were willing to work with Italian fascists at one point. Ditto for India. Some Israelis, Irish and India nationalists worked with fascists-mafia during and after WWII. I noticed that the old Nazi money-laundering networks closely follow the same as current mafia money-laundering networks in Europe.

    And, on the Pelosi situation, some organized crime families are literally families. I believe that’s why she is so keen on “family joining”. It makes it almost impossible to break the organized crime groups up. They are based on intermarriages. I think that the Albania mafia falls into this category. They sometimes give themselves new names so you can’t tell, unless you know what they look like. And, maybe ‘Ndrangheta Italian mafia is family based.

    When people immigrate they can and do change their names. If a multi-generational American runs for office, all of their enemies from years ago appear. For new Americans we can’t even find where they were born sometimes. John Kerry isn’t Irish. His family chose the name to fit in – they are Austrian Jews. Australia doesn’t allow you to run for office if you aren’t multi-generational. It is assumed that they may have dual nationalities and dual loyalties.

    Much of what I learned I learned reading about Haiti. The Haitian “mulatto” elite is little to no African. They aren’t the old mulatto elite that Duvalier despised. They are like Carlos Slim – mostly middle east business families, often Christian, one Jewish. There are Germans and one English, too. There are Chinese, too. They are only mulatto because it is illegal to be white in Haiti. The Haitians call them Syrians. They came as rag merchants with the fall of the Ottoman Empire. One family stayed in Haiti because on a stop over in Haiti they missed the boat to Argentina or Chile. These families are spread around the Americas and sometimes overseas and do business with each other (or they did in the past). They are often key to the US doing bad and getting blamed. Almost certainly the Italians have these networks, too. Some of the Haitian elite came via Jamaica. Some did intermarry with the old mulatto elite to get citizenship. Perhaps Giuliani even has cousins in Latin America. Some believe that Pelosi does.

    I think that multi-generational Americans are clueless of what it means to have these family networks. The only family I can definitively trace is the last ones who migrated in the 1840s. The earlier ones I can’t even put them back in Europe. Anything I find or say is actually hypothetical, apart from ones who lived in Bermuda and the ones which migrated during the Irish famine. So, I don’t know much more than if I were African American. Class also matters. But, if you are not upper upper class and you don’t have family abroad you tend to be stuck. And, it’s all well and good to say go abroad but what if the person needs to be responsible for elderly parents or aunts and uncles? What if you had to care for your aunt or father in the USA?

    And, on the Muslim ban – who says that anyone has the right to go to the USA. Why is it a right and privilege to move to another country? Most countries it is not a right and privilege. A lot of countries that are allowed to come here, don’t allow us to go there. They restrict or block immigration. Now we need a visa or something to go to Europe, which wasn’t the case before. There are Middle Eastern Christians and Armenians who were chased away to the US and genocided by Muslims who carry a deep fear of Islam – deeper than we can understand. When is someone going to cry for the poor in the USA?

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