Chaos as Republicans storm impeachment inquiry deposition

I wrote a song about EXACTLY THIS KIND OF SHIT!! These SOB Senators are assuring LOSSES in their next campaign runs for their currently held seats..


Desperation.. we all must take back our nation;
we’ve been out fightin” henchmen for far too long;
oh you’re a hard one but I know you got your reasons;
these things that are pleasin’ you can hurt you and how.. 

Don’t you draw the one-eyed jack boy
he’ll remove you from the table;
you know the Ace of Spades is always your best bet;

but now it seems to me some ugly scenes
have fallen on your table
but you only get the ones that lose the bet;

Desperation, its not gettin’ any better;
you pain and suffrin’ they always hurt to the bone; 
and the Freedom, the lost Freedom is your imagination talkin’ 
your lonesome ass endures this life alone

Don’t your ass get cold in the winter time?
Your luck won’t change and the sun don’t shine
and it’s hard to tell the good times from the bad
your tradin’ all your highs for lows
it ain’t funny how your life is oh so sad

Desperation why is this life so expensive 
you better wake up to your senses and take your life back
you think it’s stormin’ but there are clear skies and sunshine
you better get yourself together 
you got to shake this stormy weather
you better love one another before it’s too late..


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