Obama Pays Tribute To Cummings: ‘Being A Strong Man Includes Being Kind’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

He was NOT the best President, he was NOT born in Africa, he was NOT corrupt, he was NOT WishyWashy, he was NOT afraid, he was NOT a boot-licker, he was NOT a shit-talker, he was NOT predictable, he was NOT compromisable, he was NOT a traitor, he was NOT a racist, he was NOT a liar, he was NOT a thug or a ganster, he was NOT a Supremacist, he was NOT a sucker, he was NOT everything we all wanted him to be.. BUT.. he was one of the greatest Orator Presidents..  and he STILL IS!! 😊


Former President Obama reflects on the word “honorable” while memorializing the late Rep. Elijah Cummings: “This is a title that we confer on all kinds of people who get elected to public office, we’re supposed to introduce them as honorable, but Elijah Cummings was honorable before he was elected to office. There’s a difference.” Aired on 10/25/19.



  1. Wow.. you never cease to thrill my sense for knowledge especially of religio/ethnic oigin. I always have to take a deep breath after reading your essays and slowly decided how I want to digest and pursue all that information going forward. 😳👍 About the Epstein thing – he is not a focus of mine right now in terms of publishing he is more a prime research subject/target, more a burning curiosity, but whatever you send me if you don’ wish it published – I will not publish it! And I DO believe that once I figure out all the tentacles he had where, why and with whom, world politicis will be right under the ‘foreskin’ so to speak.. lol 👀😊 I have said recently that ‘mainstream news cycles’ are too overburdening for me and I have o take a step back from the ‘hourly inundation of BS’ day after day.. because it’s ALL BS except for what ISN’T. But that line has been thoroughly blurred to a point beyond recognition so that, w/o a ‘team approach’ to dissect and aggregate the Truth it will be missed. Anything you decide to send do it via our email platform. I would love to learn much more about Epstein’s origins, rise to the top and – ESPECIALLY – his ultimate and unavoidable demise. I’ll be posting again today – and everyday – HEY, WHAT THE HELL EVER HAPPENED TO EPSTEIN? Over and over again until I get some response and meaningful input. It is one of the COMPELLING UNANSWERED QUESTIONS of this century thus far??

  2. John Conyers just died. He was 90 and not 68 like Cummings, but you know, as well as I, that people can live older than this and healthy. I just find these deaths fishy. Nadler, who replaced Conyers, seems to have backed off last time I checked. He was going great and then got mysteriously ill in NYC, and slowed down and then sped up, and then seemed to have tossed the ball to others, including Cummings who died.

    • I didn’t know he passed, thanks for that info. But you, like me, can never accept ‘coincidence’ as a valid premise in life EVER. Divine Providence, perhaps; Karma, perhaps; a true blessing, perhaps; predetermined destiny, perhaps; but coincidence, NOT!! Here’s a little excercise I just did with online dictionary’s – when you break off the prefix ‘co’ the word changes considerably and when you then substitute the suffix ‘ce’ with ‘ent’ the two cases can no longer be interposed with each other and maintain similar meaning. I LOVE digging into prefixes and suffixes of words in english – it is a fascinating way to learn and – more often than not – be quite surprised at the end of the journey.. lol LONG STORY SHORT THERE ARE NOT AND THERE HAVE NEVER BEEN ANY COINCIDENCES IN MY SHORT TIME HERE.. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha..
      😳😊 Have fun with that one..

    • Oh sorry.. I got off track. The Conyers thing – it never even hit the top-tier news cycle in digital media – don’t know about print media. But it would seem to me he should at least get equal time in the cycle too. And yes, I wondered too why Nadler just all of a sudden shut up and Cummings picked up the torch – and got burnt! Pretty strange.. AND WHAT THE HELL EVER HAPPENED TOO EPSTEIN??!! 😳😊

      • But, who are we dealing with? Russian Jewish mafia. There’s even an Iraqi-India-UK-Jewish connection (Reuben bros) to Giuliani via a guy called Sam Kislin! Conyers WAS the head of the House Judiciary; Cummings House Oversight. They were the only two non-Jewish people in top positions. Now I think and hope Schiff is as good and honest as he appears. Ditto for Nadler. Both are from lower middle class backgrounds and are multi-generational Americans. I love them (Schiff and Nadler) both so much. But, after Blumenthal voted to strip boycott rights from us to protect Israel, it makes me wonder. Of course, Blumenthal is Reform Jewish and Schiff Conservative Jewish. But, they are all more liberal Jews and not Chabad-Orthodox. Engel is in a top position and he seems really bad. I don’t know which Jewish denomination he is. Blumenthal is from a rich Jewish family, though. And, Blumenthal’s father was born in Germany. REGARDLESS, CONYERS AND CUMMINGS KNEW TOO MUCH. Did they know more than other committee members? I don’t know. Remember Ocasio-Cortez proudly proclaimed herself ethnic Jewish last year. Somehow it seems like history is speeding up though. Maybe they were simply saddened. I know someone who literally lost his mind after Trump got in. He was old and it just threw him over I guess. I need to send you the link from a blogger friend covering all things Epstein. It must be used with discernment though, because it is everything. That’s why I didn’t send it. Remember that I said that Ghislaine Maxwell and Barr’s fathers may have been connected in an arms dealing nexus to help the IRA and Israeli independence. Indian Independence may be connected in this network. Recent S. Africa Gupta scandal they noted networks tended to be the same as an earlier one. It would be nice, however, if John Conyers died peacefully in his sleep.

        • Oh, whoops, I forgot the most important part of the Reuben bros – Born in India; Baghdadi Jews, connected to the India Sassoons, but who made their money in the metals market in Russia in the bad old days of the 90s. I had forgotten them, but fell upon the name while studying how US AID gave an entire computer science dept – their first- to India. I saw a pic of a guy named Reubin. All sorts of top profs were involved. The idea was Galbraiths. Imagine if they would have done that to help Mississippi or Louisiana, etc., in the 1960s. Of course, they didn’t help poor people in India. Nope, it was the elites. But, they nuked Mississippi literally (Salmon site) while giving an entire computer program to India. Harvard was involved in the destructive handling of Russia’s economy in the 90s, wasn’t it? And, wasn’t Galbraith at Harvard? All economists? Sassoon benefitted big-time by the destruction of the US economy in the Civil War. UK ended slavery peacefully (e.g. Jamaica). Why didn’t the US end it peacefully? Maybe because of poking and proding of both sides by Sassoons to incite a non-peaceful settlement?

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