Impeaching Trump: New Clues On Dems’ Plan As House Holds First Floor Vote | MSNBC

Ari takes us “to school” on what is coming tomorrow from the House.. Congress votes on the Formal Impeachment Resolution tommorow. We will know by the end of the day tomorrow what exactly the ‘construct’ of the Impeachment Process will be Officially! Ari does a great job of explaining what all that actually means in his thorough and detailed analysis.. 

In a special report, MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber breaks down House Democrats’ newly-released rules which could govern the process by which they continue their impeachment inquiry into President Trump. Melber highlights three new and important bits of information, including procedures to allow for open hearings with committee lawyers, polices to enable Trump and his legal team to participate in the inquiry, and language that leaves the door open for ongoing debates about how broad articles of impeachment should be. Melber highlights how despite Trump’s criticisms, Democrats have actually outlined a process which gives him more power to participate than Presidents Nixon or Clinton had. Aired on 10/30/19.

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