EU will remove all restrictions on Fukushima Contaminated Food and fishery and Nuclear news

Dana just knocked me out of my chair with this EU Announcement! The EU/Eastern Europe, Central Europe and Northern Europe will not be importing and distributing Radioisotopic contaminated food products from JAPAN and Shinzu Abe!.. This ‘implies’ that the USA is still importing food from Japan since April, 2011 when Obama and Hilary said to Abe – don’t worry we will ALWAYS accept your food WITHOUT inspection!! YUMMY TO THE TUMMY..ย 
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Streamed live on Oct 30, 2019

Not because of science but because Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has biscuits and Tea and said fook the endless misery that will create . Greenpeace smiles and remains silent and endless nuclear NGO world wide rejoice knowing the misery that will create . Did it ever occur to anyone they should not be growing 750 million pounds of rice there . Does reality even matter when 2 idiots can make a decision that will poison every one world wide .

South Africaโ€™s future energy mix: wind, solar and coal, but no nuclear



  1. There is a list (FDA?) which updates-changes that I run across now and again which tells which foods are blocked from Japan. Most foods were blocked from Fukushima area and some outside Fukushima. The list is constantly changing. It doesn’t mean that food isn’t being sneaked in, however. Food outside of Fuku can also be contaminated. Most alarming is Fukushima grown “organic” food. Europe continued to import but at the same “standard” of 100 mSv/kg allowed in Japan. Initially they imported with high levels but then got a bit wise. The US “standard” is around 1500 mSv/kg so if it weren’t blocked the US consumer could be in deep trouble. More generally worrisome is dairy from near nuclear power stations in the USA, etc.

    Juncker is a scum bag. I had connected him to something bad, I think. Juncker’s Luxembourg is super-rich and they don’t pay their fair share into NATO – on that point Trump was right. The clerks who work there are often nice, but others are as you would expect for a banking capital that has the worst aspects of the Swiss. The original Swiss canton and ideals are more American than American (1291) but then there are the banksters…. Both Luxembourg and the Swiss have their own secretive languages. Luxembourg is a dialect of Flemish that they call Germanish, and the Swiss an old German dialect that they mostly refuse to teach outsiders, pretending it can”t be taught – which is BS.

    I’m not sure if you are saying that Europe is blocking or not blocking? European standard is 600 mSv/kg for trade between countries. However, the standard within the UK is around 1000 mSv/kg and some Reindeer – Norway and or Finland have a standard of 2000 mSv/kg.

    • 2 primary points here: 1) The entire country of Japan is contaminated at levels of a nuclear dump site and: 2) The entire region of Asia is also contaminated (I’m gonna get this wrong because I only remember back to Vietnam War borders); Laos, Cambodia, Thiland, Burma, South Korea and Hong Kong/Taiwan/Singapore. So anything out of that area is highly suspect! They are not checking almost at all!!

      BTW.. I could REALLY use the FDA Resource you mentioned for export from Japan if you don’t mind sharing it.. you can do it via email if it makes you feel better.. and remind me some day, I have an actual letter from the FDA telling me it is not their JOB to tell me what is contaminated and what is not and I should hire a CONSULTANT and leave them out of it!!!! Thanks in advancec if you can shae that info..

      • I just linked to it in archives. I know it is all contaminated but they ARE formally blocking some. To me it matters that they are at least admitting to some problem. I looked it up. I put it in archives and gave you the link but didn’t read it. In the future you can just do a search. If that doesn’t work then I will do the search again.

        • BTW, I think that Japan vents with the wind blowing toward the USA, to the extent that they can and always have. Currents drive the pollution to the US and to the Arctic-UK. Abe’s grandfather was a war criminal that we shouldn’t have let off. We are paying dearly for all sorts of naive stupidity…

        • OK great, that is WP archives I assume? When I searched on that data I found that unless you were specific as to the departments in the US (USDA, FTC, FDA and US Commerce Dept) your results would be far too generalized as to be useless. I haven’t done the searches lately but I can and will if necessary because it is important to keep current – because as you said it changes weekly, monthly and seasonally.

          Japan is also sneaking it in as ‘womens cosmetics (think Madam Curie)’, ‘vitamin/mineral supplements’, ‘industrial food flavorings and essences’, ‘health and dietary supplements’ (protein powders, energy drink additives, etc.) and ‘fine flours and baking products’ at the lowest level – not to mention herbal teas, Saki and hosin/oyster/tamari sauce concentrates that can be later labelled as a product of another country. I REALLY MISS MY FAVORITE – SHRIMP CHIPS! YUMMY..

          • No it is an online archives in Lichtenstein, – wayback machine hasn’t been working well for me. I know I’ve saved at least two of those in – I may have saved in wayback. In earlier posts I explained how to determine hazard for food intake. Even anti-nuclear people were never interested in those posts. I hate math because it must be accurately done – unless it is estimates – and it is boring. Most people fear math, no matter how simple I tried to make it. I wasted my better years in biology and chemistry and quit. I wasted years with this shit. So, I will not continue. Most don’t care and go about their lives. 100 mSv exposure is 1 to 3% cancer risk or higher. But, I also show how to calculate the risk with food – you can look in older posts. Searching for mSv or 100 mSv should turn up a lot. I know – sunflower cleans up waste and even a lot of organic lotions have that in it. But, I can’t do anything and we all die. I think that my exposures are so high already that there is no longer a point worrying. Worrying depresses immunity. I ate sardines from babyhood, for instance and only stopped 10 years ago or so. And, yes, the calculations are only based on what we know is in the stuff. If I have to eat and drink contamination I prefer not to focus on it, as it depresses immunity and I must eat to live.

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