Attorney General Healey Files Motion to Suspend Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station License Transfer to Holtec

Posted by  — Sunday, Nov. 3, 2019 — my commentary in RED.

THIS is an important nuclear news story of the current general news flow but it is a CRITICAL news story – and likely outcome based upon the requested ‘stay’ by Attorney General Maura Healey – preempting Holtec from moving forward to STEAL critical Decommissioning funds from the Commonwealth of Mass. ALSO – on the Anti-nuclear news front, the NRC ruling that Holtech has “the required regulatory, legal, technical and financial requirements to qualify as licensee.” This is plain and simple a BALL FACED LIE!! HOLTEC doesn’t have the expertise to disassemble a fuckin’ tennis ball much less a nuclear plant that is a dinasaur and uses UNcommon technology part and parcel of it’s construction a half-century ago!!


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