Navajo Mothers, Infants have Uranium in their Bodies – Navajo Birth Cohort Study – NH #437

While I listen to Libbe because she does her research and has some interesting and pertinent links to uniquely-sourced nuclear news, I have not followed her for the past year like I used to. But this particular show this week has an abundance of news that is important to us all as well as a primary story of Navajo Indian poisoning in the Southwest USA. 

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Wednesday, November 6, 2019
Navajo Birth Cohort Study finds Uranium Contamination
in Navajo Women, Babies.


Over 1/4 of all women studied in the Navajo Birth Cohort Study show high levels of uranium in their bodies — and so do many of their infants. Toxicologist and Principal Investigator Dr. Johnnye Lewis explains the medical research that has been discovered so far about uranium contamination in Navajo Nation women and their babies.

Anna Rondon is the Program Director for the New Mexico Social Justice and Equity Institute. She provides the perspective of the Navajo people and explains some of the cultural and historic challenges faced by researchers trying to collect medical data from native people.

Numnutz of the Week (for Outstanding Nuclear Boneheadedness):
Nuclear cannibal ants?!? Can the Zombie Apocalypse be far behind?
Libbe HaLevy


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  1. Actually while she is faithful to the cause, but BE WARNED she does NOT do her research. We all make mistakes but begging for money and not vetting the content for a once a week program isn’t acceptable, IMO. For her previous podcast, I wasted hours correcting misinformation she posted by Gordon Edwards until it overshadowed the truth from Donna Gilmore. I am still breathing fire over this: I wasted more hours with a very nasty note, half of which I removed from the post, but got almost no sleep because of it. I guess I should be grateful that I now have a deeper understanding of tritiated water and remember why it was I shouldn’t go out in the rain, but I have real life stuff I need to be doing. What I find most appalling is that Libbe sat there and begged for money for an extended period of time on the last podcast, saying she works so hard, and yet I had to correct the info she put. All you have to do is a search on filtering tritium and take the time to read. She could have looked in my blog. When they started saying that it couldn’t be filtered at Fukushima, I didn’t believe it and so I looked and found they were lying. Tritiated water freezes and boils at different temp from regular water. The boiling temp is very narrow, but theoretically it could be separated in this way – regular water boils at a tiny bit (few degrees F) lower temp. So, boiling off to concentrate tritiated water isn’t necessarily as hare-brained as it sounds. But, in a world where they give insulin instead of flu shot, it is risky. They could separate it in a closed environment and test it though. Some of the time I spent on the different types of ionizing rad because I felt that Gordon Edwards was making it sound like microwaves were similar to nuclear radiation, when they are not. I lost hours on this because my expert knows too much on the topic. So, we are supposed to pay her and vet her work? Karen Silkwood learned a lot of chemistry in high school – but many don’t. Apart from possibly in high school, Libbe has no background in the topic – her degrees are fun fluff degrees like journalism and some sort of new age spiritual psych degree, and even those with a background need to use some elbow grease. It’s not like it’s hard to find info these days. It just takes time to study it. When I was in school the challenge was finding information. The point of an education is actually to teach you how to work hard. Easy fun fluff doesn’t teach that. I know very smart people who didn’t get out of school because they were so smart they became lazy. Most of my nasty was reserved for Gordon Edwards whose degrees are in English, physics and math. Someone had already sent me his crappy speech, and I tried to ignore it and move along. But, it hasn’t gone away. I could have spent more time correcting him. I don’t know if he is well-meaning or controlled opposition.

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