Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station to Shrink Emergency Planning Zone FEMA and some states dispute the Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff’s premise that “all hazards planning” would be enough to address a nuclear accident. Planning experts recommend the planning zone remain in place.


HOLTEC in cahoots with the NRC has decided that the Pilgrim NUKE PLANT Danger Zone can safely be reduced from a 10-mile Radius all the way down to just the plant property line??????!!!!!!! WTF? HOLTEC stands to SAVE $2M annually – per township – in emergency prepardness and hazards training and support for at least 5 townships – sections of Plymouth, Kingston, Carver, Marshfield and Duxbury. This is a “give-away” to HOLTEC without due consideration or cause and totally without legal foundation!!

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  1. YOU guys are the experts and the analysts. I am just a musician, a philosopher ‘on the bleeding edge’, tired and retired, aggregating and trying to report the ‘news of the day’! I just hope I’m not making too many mistakes along the way.. it is an endeavor of enjoyment, enlightenment and discovery that I will carry with me throughout the remainder of my time. I JUST LOVE THIS WORK! I have neither the bandwidth, energy, interest or desire to analyze anything.. I just report the news of the day as it occurs from both a personal and a social perspective.. “Real eyes, realize, real lies”! 😊 Thank you for your commentary – THOUGH.. pun intended; LOLROTF!! 😜

  2. If you ever figure out how a man from India who barely speaks English, has a track record of bribery, refuses to work with local and federal gov, etc., has so much power – please let me know. India went from being a British outpost to a Soviet and Russian ally. If it were China – who holds so much of our debt – I could at least understand.

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