Donald Trump says he’s not concerned about impeachment testimony so far

THIS PRESIDENT – QUEEN SISSY, THE TRUMPANZEE is clearly a Pathological Liar – “someone who lies so much that it’s just a part of their life now. They usually starts at a young age and then it snowballs into their teenage and adult years. It sometimes isn’t even about big things. They’ll lie about anything just because they feel like it. Also when people expose them for being a liar they either lie more to get out of it or get extremely defensive – AND DANGEROUS TO US ALL”!

DUMBASS DOOFUS is a dangerous, unhinged Megalomaniacal, Psycopathic Sociopath who need’s to be REMOVED FROM OFFICE – IMMEDIATELY – and RESTRAINED PERMANENTLY!

Nov 8, 2019

President Donald Trump says he’s not concerned about depositions from current and former administration officials in the ongoing impeachment inquiry. CNN’s Joe Johns reports on the President’s comments to reporters before departing to Atlanta, meanwhile Daniel Dale and Abby Phillip share analysis and fact-checking with Kate Bolduan.


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