‘This Was A Hostage Tape’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.. THEY’RE ALL DUMBASSES!! Yo.. Jeff.. the “hot seat” gettin’ to your hemorrhoids?? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha..Β 

In a new ad, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Thursday he is running for his old Senate seat from Alabama and that he still supports President Trump. The panel has a few thoughts on Sessions’ bid and ad. Aired on 11/8/19.


  1. Yeah, YOU are right about.. “However, after having marched around in the past, I concluded and still believe, that it does nothing but put a target on your back and head, and make one paranoid.”.. you have too have the numbers – no major numbers – you’re targeted; I know, I was there and targeted too. John Kerry — yes THAT John Kerry — started an organization called Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) in 1967, I was a paid member of that organization and participated in various protest actions representing that organization, in differing states, for years – I cannot prove it but I used to see this particular ‘person of color’ everytime I attended an official function in my close proximity – I believe I had my very own FBI/CIA agent assigned to me as I attended VVAW Staff Meetings and planning sessions too. So I DO understand. Hence the name of this blog; Everything you don’t know that you don’t know.. 😳😊

  2. I don’t really believe anymore, we live in reality – I believe we are “entirely surrounded and fully consumed by – and consumers of – constantly diseminated audio, video, gameboys, movies, radio shows, sports events, music concerts, news agencies, government propoganda and general megalomaniacal actions by ALL of government”. We only exist anymore in an “artificially propogated, tightly controlled, totally manipulated, over-the-counter drug induced/enforced, work/family stressed” alternative reality. The only thing we can focus on anymore is the next paycheck and keeping a low profile or risk being “outed” and viciously prosecuted by the powers that be today. We are a nation of Chickens afraid of real sacrifice.

    After starting on FB with my very first blog for close to 3 years then being isolated from my account by ZuckerFuck, I then moved to WP and have been here for 16 months now. THAT ENTIRE TIME I have seen NO PROTESTS, NO MARCHES OF SIGNIFICANCE and ORGANIZED-GRASSROOTS protests against our government-controlled social inequality none, zero, zip, zilch – PERIOD FULL STOP! I can’t actually blame any individuals as they are struggling with their day-to-day just to stay afloat – BUT THAT IS WHERE MY UNDERSTANDING COMES TO S SCREACHING HALT!!

    Notice I speak from the ‘3rd person’ perspective? Because my choices were the same as eveyone elses – but now my disabilites combined with my age – rule out any more fighting. I HAVE BEEN FIGHTING AGAINST THIS SAME SHIT SINCE I LIVED IN HAIGHT/ASHBURY from 1961 – 1969 PROTESTING VIOLENTLY EVERYDAY FOR MORE YEARS THAN I CARE TO SAY HERE – SO DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT CALLING ME HYPOCRITICAL! I did my share – now I want to watch beautiful sunsets on the beach, it’s now up to the GEN-Xers, the MILLENNIALS and the THE POST-MILLENNIALS. So don’t think I didn’t make the same investment in “change” I’m sugggesting here to you – I HAVE FOR MANY YEARS BUT WE WERE INFILTRATED TO AN EXTREME BY CO-INTELPRO WHO FRACTURED OUR EFFORTS AND CAUSED OUR FAILED MOVEMENT.

    Just because you are stressed by life doesn’t mean you can’t take the time to organize and to have discussions, conversations, go to a once-a-week meetings organized by like-minded neighbors, family, friends and co-workes to MAKE YOUR OWN CHANGES INSTEAD OF COMPLAINING HOW HARD LIFE IS!! GO MAKE A FUCKIN’ CHANGE! DON’T TELL ME IT CAN’T BE DONE.. IT HAS BEEN – and IS BEING DONE AROUND THE WORLD EVERYDAY – EXCEPT HERE IN THE USA!! Our new collective name has become “Comrade Ben Dovers”.. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha..

    But of course the discussions and organizing mentioned above will never happen here today, Gen-x and Millennials are more interested in Social Media and totally distracted and UNEDUCATED to the EXTREME – so as a result we can only look for more of the same going forward.. ONLY WORSE as time goes by.. we have become a country of AMERICANT’S. THE END OF AMERICA, AS CONCIEVED ORIGINALLY, IS NYE! πŸ‘€πŸ’€ The America I grew up in is gone forever – what we will end up being in the future is UGLY, OBSCENE and PERMANENT.

    • For some reason I’m not getting ping backs when you reply, so it seems like I am missing a lot. I came back to thank you for making me watch “Morning Joe”. You are right-on on most of this. However, after having marched around in the past, I concluded and still believe, that it does nothing but put a target on your back and head, and make one paranoid. I recall one peace protest- mostly retiree church people with little American flags and fishing hats – and we were placed behind the building and they could have mowed us down with sharp-shooters (who were on the roof) and no one would have ever known. I asked the person beside me why they stopped chanting and the person said they were worried if the sharp-shooter had an itchy finger. Southerners, black and white, were killed in the south during the Civil Rights movement, and no one took notice until some ivy league kids got killed. We don’t even have anyone to come to our rescue now. In the south the rescue came from up north, media, and the federal level, if not people would have just been killed off. How was the American Revolution won? It wasn’t won by marching in red coats in a straight line. It was won with element of surprise and hiding behind trees. The secretive Masonic orders that are constantly dissed actually acted as organizational spaces. How was the Algerian revolution won? Using the cell system and tricks and surprises. Even Dr. King recognized that a large part of protest was to let the protestor let off steam. The reason that the children (teens) marched during the Civil Rights movement was because the adults were afraid of losing jobs. Malcolm X criticized King for using children. I used to think that I would lay down before a nuclear waste truck to keep German waste from going to South Carolina. But, they would just run me over and no one would even notice. The US has handed and continues to hand its ideology and propaganda (i.e. schools and universities) over to foreigners who have their own agendas. The internet is the modern-day equivalent of church meetings (organizational space), ideology.

      • To me the biggest sign that there is no hope is Libbe HaLevy, who used to claim to read my blog, didn’t even know that tritiated water could be filtered and let Gordon Edwards spout disinformation. Unless she is controlled dissent, I deduce that trying to educate anyone is a waste of my precious life. So, I may stop blogging at all and if I do it’s going to be (my definition) of fun and games like everyone else has. Certainly it proves to me that my earlier blogging was a waste of time.

        • I’m also not sure who and what we would march for at this point. Both parties have gone crazy. The Democrats want to continue to give away American jobs (as do the Republicans). I am still burning up over the fact that Bennie Thompson wasn’t happy to have the over 600 jobs restored to poor Mississippians. Someone needs to primary him. Black poverty level in Morton Mississippi is 22.3%; “Hispanic” poverty is 17.4%. He isn’t the representive for hispanics – there almost aren’t any, apart from the illegals! All he did was boo-hoo about immigrant kids who shouldn’t have been born there in the first place. One workers was there since 2013 or 14, so of course she had plenty of time to get pregnant and have an “American child”. The owner of two of those chicken plants was Chinese – never hear about that. Mississippi isn’t on the border; it isn’t near the border; it’s not even near Texas! Louisiana is in between. The Republicans don’t care about life after birth, and the Democrats don’t care about life after the parents of the kids get green cards.

          Have you ever tried to create jobs, even hypothetically? If a company came offering 600 jobs of any variety local leaders would act like it was Jesus come back, and yet over 600 jobs were restored to Americans and all that Dem-wits can do is caterwaul over the poor immigrants. The migrant workers stole the IDs of 400 Americans, who then couldn’t get welfare because someone was working in their names. One of the workers was stopped for drunk driving without a license and without insurance. They show a cute 22 old Mayan and cute kids but that’s not all that were there. And, they could easily find a cute black Mississippi lady and her cute kids, but they didn’t even try. They probably could have found a cute white Mississippian. Most people look cute at 22 years old. Mississippi isn’t El Paso.


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