Giuliani lays out security plan with President Vázquez in Uruguay

I was hoping the US would leave Uruguay alone and stop meddling – but no. “TootyFrooty Rooty” came down and met with President Vazquez urging him to “target areas of crime with special monitoring techniques and train a ‘special police force’ to deal with just those areas”! He urged Vazquez to cease and desist from being “light on career criminals committing capitol crimes and he generally ‘dressed the President down’ for not running things in Uruguay like the US thinks it SHOULD be!!  WTF?!


Former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani met Tuesday with Uruguay’s President Tabaré Vázquez in Montevideo and agreed to work on a new security proposal adjusted to the local situation.

Giuliani has been hired by the Partido de la Gente (People’s Party) to act as a security advisor and apply his “broken windows theory,” which is based on the principle that if a broken window appears in a building and is not fixed soon, the rest of the windows end up vandalized.

In a press conference after the meeting, Giuliani recalled that he previously worked in twenty countries in which he detected situations “worse” than those in Uruguay. In that sense, he pointed out that he found “hopeful signs” in the Uruguayan reality.

Giuliani said he spoke with Uruguayan leaders about “the use of statistics, technologies, police training and work in the areas of impact”, the concept on which the High Dedication Operative Patrol (PADO) is based..


  1. These later migrant families (late 1800s-) tied the two hemispheres together doing “business”/exploitation. And, the Caribbean. Prior to that there were two more distinct societies. There were Germans stirring up mischief in the same period, too. The rich in Haiti that were favored by the US and Duvalier were the “Syrians”, meaning from the Ottoman Empire (see second link). They are totally different from the old mulatto elites though supposedly intermarried a bit to get citizenship. Old Mulatto elites were highly educated Franco-African mix, similar to New Orleans Creoles of Color. New Mulatto elites came from the Middle/Near East (Levant). Levantine elites is the word. Germans were also stirring mischief is one reason we went to Haiti in the early 1900s (read Lueders affair). The base population of Haiti, the US, and the rest of Latin America were distinct but all of these cousins came from the Levant, Italy, Germany, and spread about to control everything in the Americas. Like I said, one Haitian elite family literally missed the boat on a stopover en route to Latin America. The Levantine started small but worked together to get big:

  2. Yeah but there is a conundrum here.. in Brasil if you are caught attempting to cut, process or export ANY of the Brasilian Rosewood, Black Ebony, or any of the rare ‘hardwoods’ you WILL BE prosecuted and imprisoned for at least 10 years for each log. But yet, the government looks the other way when ranchers and ‘big agra’ clear cut burn. OH.. and by the way.. 1 hectare of ‘cut and burned’ brasilian jungle can only support 2-3 cattle but you killed 10s of thousands of natural species and habitat to get that hectare and those 3 cows.. WTF?

    Not to mention the indigenous natives will kill you and shrink your head if you get caught – and don’t be fooled they will successfully ‘raid and kill’ a 2-3 dozen armed scouting party with guns and you never see them coming.. LOL 😳😊

  3. Yes, I understood that. Maybe it’s in exchange for free “AID”, meaning the US taxpayer is paying Giuliani. I need to hunt for the case I am talking about. It actually showed up under some name I found in wikipedia. I posted it in a comment on another blog (Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle). He did some of this stuff in NYC, and then either him or one of his fans did some of that in New Orleans, and someone else went under a justice department contract to work in Russia AND imported Russians to work in Florida. It was from the 90s and 2000s and GPS supposed to facilitate neighborhood policing and use of police resources. The question is who is behind all of this. Who is really, truly behind it. Really who is Putin, too. I was highly motivated to find out even a week ago, but even the smallest thing I scratch under the surface is vipers nest of corruption. I don’t just mean Trump. I mean there are plenty of Trump wannabes and itsy bitsy corrupt actors, as well as fairly large corrupt vipers like the Kailas. THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD IS A VIPERS NEST OF CORRUPTION. We can’t even have a fair social democracy anymore due to overpopulation (and lack of ethics). A lot of tiny actors are corrupt just to survive. Scandinavia is going to lose their social welfare net, even though they pay huge taxes, because of importing so many migrants or refugees. The migrant-refugees have had Denmark’s national dish banned from school because it is pork meat balls. The Swiss make it harder to get citizenship. They take them as workers and ship them home for welfare and nursing home care. We can’t let in immigrants rich and poor to get nursing home care for free when it costs, on average, $9000 per month, but we are. Meanwhile, Americans have to pay nursing home insurance for an arm and a leg per month AND give our jobs away, while getting accused of racism for objecting. I was told that having more than two kids was wrong and that you didn’t have kids till you could support them. I was never told that I had to compete for jobs against the entire world within my own country. Nor that whoever has the most kids rules the world. I do not understand the pity-party for illegal migrants in Mississippi when there are so many desperately poor Mississippians. I understand that die-hard white racists prefer white hispanic people and people from India to black people, but not why black politicians from majority poor black district do. I still haven’t had time to check Bennie Thompson’s connection to the chicken industry. The owners of two plants were Chinese (like Taiwanese) – but we don’t hear that. You can’t say that it’s Chinese working “hispanics” under the table even though it’s true. Trying to research Chinese is close to impossible.

  4. I have met Venezuelans with blue eyes.. and Argentinos too. No idea of their parentage.. blue eyes down here are not rare but they but you don’t see them everyday everywhere.. I heard the same of Vasquez too.

    • There are Spaniards with blue eyes. Lots of Iranians seem to have blue eyes, too. There were Germans in Venezuela since ca 1450 because of mining expertise. Argentina has lots of Italians along with Irish and Basques and Syrians. They have the reputation for having killed off the most indigenous. Che was Irish and Basque. The ethnic difference between Latin America and the USA seems to be mostly that our original population base was British and African and American Indian. Theirs was Spanish Conquistidores and indigenous and, depending on the area, African. Then we got mostly the same groups coming in both places later – the Irish, Italians, Jews, Middle Easterners, Germans, etc. They brought in people from India at an earlier date, in some places. These later migrants are the ones who seem to have spread out as families throughout the Americas to do business. Certain segments have 20% indigenous mixed in (Tex-Mex) Descendants of our earliest American colonies migrants seem to have around 2% American Indian, I think. I found a good paper based on DNA research. Some of this is because fewer women moved to Latin America, but also it is well-known that in the Andes, only indigenous could stay pregnant due to the thin air. But, many Germans are dark. There’s a reason that Ben Franklin spoke of swarthy Germans. The German-American who did the shooting in El Paso was as “swarthy” as the “hispanic” who did the shooting on the Houston freeway. I find it sheer and utter nonsense and wrong that an Italian from Argentina gets to be a “minority” in the USA, as does a Spaniard from Spain, etc, etc., whereas Italian-Americans, Italian-Canadians, and Italians are “white”. This is more nonsense than routine nonsense about race. This is a major con. The indigenous of Latin America who come from indigenous villages are allowed to claim American Indian status. “Hispanic” is a language group, and not a minority. Oh, and I forget the Chinese! I knew a Guatemalan that looked like old Mayan vases and I recently realized he was Chinese and not indigenous at all. As far as I am concerned the only people we-I owe anything to is African Americans descended from slaves, and maybe the indigenous Irish. So many eastern American Indians are as much as 98% European and there are American Indians who weren’t given reservation status, and may include myself, so unless they are going to do DNA tests, I can’t speak of that. The Irish is a bit complex too. I may still find my African ancestor, but even if I find an ancestor who was a slave for 100 plus years, my ancestors didn’t suffer under Jim Crow.

      • I can’t agree more.. oh and BTW.. they are still killing the Indigenous Leaders in Amazonia who protect the Amazon by killing the “illegal” ranchers and loggers who trespass on indigenous lands and just “take over” – most of them meet a gruesome death in the jungle which is why they are burning it to remove to ‘cover’ from the tribes ambushes.

          • The Shuar were traditionally head shrinkers-head hunters. That’s the only reason there is still gold around in that part of Ecuador. I’m saying that deforestation, defoliation, and Haussmanization, all remove rebel hiding places. Under Haussman, the quaint parts of Paris were bulldozed and big avenues built to make it more difficult for Parisians to put up barricades. Other towns and cities followed this model. For Giuliani I found this from 2018. People’s Parties tend to be fascist (Volkspartei). Huvane just quit:
            “Giuliani’s team landed on 23rd Monday in Uruguay at the request of the leader of the People’s Party, Edgardo Novick. In October of this year, the former mayor of New York will arrive in Uruguay to present the safety recommendations of his company “Giuliani Security & Safety” as part of his expert opinion to Novick. Giuliani is known worldwide for dividing the crimes of New York into two halves in just four years
            Huvane, ex-detective in New York
            John Huvane is managing director of the company “Giuliani Security & Safety”. With over 30 years of security and law enforcement experience, Huvane has participated in management operations, business development, security and threat assessments in the US and around the world. He was part of the team that founded the company “Giuliani Security & Safety” in 2002. He trained the Qatar secret service to prepare the security of the Asian Games, which were conducted in 2006. He Works as Security Director for Rudy Giuliani’s Presidential Campaign” from web site…

            The American expert warned that the ideas he brings to Uruguay are not just in New York when Giuliani was mayor, but that they came from the company’s experience in Colombia. Argentina and Brazil.


          • So was the search criteria for the information above just the name of the original article or did you access a specific other database? Please advise. I used to know Boolean search pretty well but today it is insufficient when researching specific categories – now I use bots and english-language spoken search on Duckduckgo and other browser search utilities but I’m still missing a lot because I don’t know the subject matter enough to be more specific and targeted, therefore I spend most of my effort in “sieve” mode .. so thanks for the depth you provided above. Vasquez is out now – there will be a runoff the end of this month, the parties and the senate leanings will change drastically from the past 15 years. OH.. one more thing do you have a preferred GOTO media outlet that is both published for english-speakers and preferably center-left leaning. I’m using Brasil Globo, The Intercept, DemocracyNow and Pais is not very balanced in my view and it is not free and Globo is prettuy much limited to Brasil – most are not comprehensive from a local perspective either. I’m open to suggestions, I would like to find an S.A. AP or Reuters equivalent if there is such a thing. Thanks in advance.. 😊

          • I can’t recall what I did. If I recall I will let you know. You have to be my “go-to” media. There would be a Reuters in Spanish, I am sure. You can’t trust anyone but just have to know what their angle is – also hard. Much of the time I type what I want AND creative commons to try to sniff out free stuff. Often I go to VOA because it can be re-used with no strings (unless it is AP or Reuters) so if I see BS I can clip it out. It comes in many languages. They are supposed to get a new Trump appointee but until then I’ve been able to see a tug-a-war between competing sides. Did you want Spanish or Portuguese? MiningWatch Canada is sometimes a good source for L.A. Mining and is creative commons. Whatever brand is the one on Trump Towers India is creative commons (?ProPublica?) but no derivatives. I ran across one that was good in Portuguese and English that I posted, once or twice. The stuff on the Shuar was translated by me from Spanish, in part, and there was a video, and a lengthy article in English for context. I have read lots of mining ads, pedigrees, etc. If you want quality stuff for Latin America you have to do your searches in Spanish (or Portuguese) – pretty much. Then stuff it in a translator and check the translation to the original, unless your Spanish is impeccable. If you don’t know the Spanish for your search (or any other language) then you do a translation to get your search terms.

          • Kool thanks. I tried Reuters, AP, MotherJones, New Yorker then the rags; NYT, WAPO, WSJ etc. but they are shallow and indistinct, no permanent bureau outlets here and not in touch with the society down here at all!! On the other hand ALL the local and regional News outlets have discovered that the make BIG BUCKS here for “online subscriptions” not from the locals but from the hundreds of thousands of Ex-pats down here that don’t yet know the native languages. So to me, news here is no longer free until I master the language – which is taking some time because I believe that Spanish is the most difficult of all the Latin-based languages to learn.. it is so intricate, specific, full of embellishment and rich in expressive content. To me Portuguese was EZ compared to Spanish!!

          • Reading Spanish is not the same as speaking and it’s the easiest to read. Languages are four related but distinct skill sets. You can master one but not all – understand, speak, read, write. You can read or understand without speaking or writing. Many can speak but not understand. Writing is always the hardest because of gender and grammar. You can work with google translate app and compare your knowledge. I thought Portuguese was the hardest of all. I had Brazilians in my office and understood little but suddenly my brain opened in recent years.

          • If you look at the history of Latin America and the USA, I don’t think they needed help with social control – I think it’s just a shakedown. I don’t think they need Giuliani’s expertise or not technical expertise. Many of the old Nazis hid out in Latin America. We got a few. Germany kept some.

          • You are right. There is absotively posilutely NO RELATION NORTH AMERICA TO SOUTH AMERICA EXCEPT BY NAME, NORTH and SOUTH – none whatsoever; different culture, different histories, different environments, different demographics, different psychographics, different social structure, different cultural values, different goals, strategies and objectives in life and different in EVERY WAY except that the US designated a North and a South America! Remember the previous Brasilian flag that had stars and stripes just like our flat but with Brasilero country colors; Nobody in USA knows this..

            United States of Brazil | It’s a grand old flag… | Brazil flag, Flag, Brazil
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            Images may be subject to copyright. Find out more..


          • Some of the same groups and families, though, but mixed differently – one with more Latin Spanish base and values and the other with more English base and values. One more Catholic and the other more protestant.

          • This is where the troubles come IMO. These later migrant families tied the two hemispheres together doing business And, the Caribbean. The ones from the Ottoman Empire are more at the root of the trouble than the Italians, I think, but not sure:

  5. This is too weird. A Giuliani fan was training police in Russia and bringing them into Florida. I don’t know if the person had any real connection to Giuliani or not, but they were on justice department grants. I don’t know the pedigree of the prez of Uruguay. I don’t think the Swiss would put up with Giuliani, though I might get a surprise. I thought Uruguay was supposed to be like Switzerland.

    • Can’t turn up his pedigree, but notice his blue eyes. Does everyone there have blue eyes? The guy I met from there did, and so does the prez of Uruguay. I read that he has lung cancer.

    • TootyFrooty Rooty has a contract in Uruguay – don’t know the term or end-date but he is an employee of Uruguay at $40+M. He is hired as an Advisor to institute his “broken window” law enforcement initiative with special police, “crime zone” monitoring with GPS and digital records implementation and NSA-style monitoring of Wifi and Telecom just to name a few key factors.. he has also proposed to lawmakers here to “change many laws” now on the books – in other words change the whole society – if they want to see success.. needless to say most people don’t know this outright but those who do are absolutely LIVID him going to Uruguay and trying to “run the fuckin’ country”!!!!

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