Google data center project in Uruguay under way

Trouble in Paradise – Google is constructing a massive data center in Canalones district of Montevideo and laying underwater fiber cable all the way to the USA from it. Upon completion they will have direct access to the Telecom and Wifi networks of Brasil and Uruguay to use it for whatever they choose to use it for – think NSA/CIA, direct, secure high speed communication back and forth to their USA Data Center Network! They have already done the same on the West Coast of S.A. by completing another massive, direct-connect data center in Valpraiso, Chile and laying cable undersea! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!

Tuesday, November 5th 2019 – 20:37 UTC

Google plans to build a data centre for storage and server management within Uruguay’s Science Park in the Canelones area, it was announced. It will be Google’s second such facility in Latin America, the other one being in Chile.

The US giant expects to have one of its 14 data centers in a space of more than 20 hectares in the duty free zone of the Science Park in Canelones, it was reported.

Negotiations for the Uruguay enterprise gained momentum when then Industry Minister Carolina Cosse visited Google’s headquarters on the west coast of the United States over two years ago but the project’s blueprint dates back to 2012.

Google’s decision was reportedly based on the installation in 2017 of an underwater cable between the Uruguayan beach resort of Punta del Este and the city of Fortaleza in Brazil, in addition to a submarine fiber optic cable that connects the Santos and Fortaleza (Brazil) with Boca Raton (Florida, USA).

In November 2015 a contract between Google and Uruguay’s communications company Antel enabled the latter to become the sixth largest international telecommunications services provider in South America.

Their Data Center connections are completed with HUGE FIBER LINES – from OC-48 to OC-192.. see:

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