Could the Supreme Court rule this term on Trump tax returns fight?

This is the best breakdown of the issue of The Queen-sissy DumbAss Doofus’s fight over the release of his taxes in the courts currently. A great read and easy to follow and understand. NOT TO BE MISSED.. 

Constitution Daily

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October 22, 2019 by Lyle Denniston

Lawyers for President Donald J. Trump and a state prosecutor in New York have reached an agreement to put before the Supreme Court in its current term the historic constitutional dispute over disclosure of the President’s tax returns. The two sides notified the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York City on Monday about their plan.

The plan would have to be accepted by the appeals court and the Supreme Court. The timing also depends on how quickly the appeals court makes a decision on the dispute. The case is moving on an expedited schedule in the appeals court, and it will hold a hearing on it Wednesday morning.

So far, the President is losing in his determined effort in the courts to keep his tax records from being handed over for review in any investigation, state or federal. The New York case tests whether the records can be examined in a state criminal investigation now underway by the prosecuting attorney in New York City, Cyrus R. Vance, Jr. A separate case now moving through federal courts in Washington, D.C., involves a demand for Trump tax data by the House Oversight Committee, a major investigating panel and one that is now taking part in the presidential impeachment inquiry.

In the New York case, a federal trial court judge early this month ruled against Trump’s sweeping claim that he is immune, while in office, from being prosecuted or even investigated in a state case. The judge ordered an accounting firm which has years of his returns to turn them over to Vance and a state criminal grand jury. That case is on hold while Trump and his accounting firm pursue their appeal in the Second Circuit Court.. see link below for he FULL article.

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