Black Death Is Back! Two Cases of Plague Confirmed in China Jordan Davidson Nov. 13, 2019 04:27PM EST


Nov. 13, 2019 04:27PM EST

“A middle-aged married couple in China was diagnosed with pneumonic plague, a highly infectious disease similar to bubonic plague, which ravaged Europe in the middle ages, as CNN reported.

This is the second time the disease has been confirmed in the region this year. The first time was in May when a Mongolian couple died from bubonic plague after eating a raw kidney from a marmot. That triggered a six-day quarantine in the area, according to The Guardian.

The two newest cases came from Inner Mongolia, a sparsely populated province in northern China, and were diagnosed in Beijing where the patients are receiving treatment, according to CNN.

The Chinese government has warned citizens to take precautions to protect themselves from a potential outbreak, though it did say that there was no reason to panic and the risk of transmission was extremely low, as the New York Times reported.”



I have posted about this subject more than once in the past 3-4 years. Historically, and WITHOUT FAIL these diseases and pandemics will begin to become more  and more dominant in the lexicon as we dive deeper and deeper into this next Grand Solar Minimum (GSM). The Tang and the Ming dynasties, the French Revolution and the Roman Empire are all examples of what happens during a GSM – ALL those Empires fell during a GSM from earlier in history. They, GSMs, happen approximately every 400 years – some much worse than others – but it is a natural Solar pattern that cannot be avoided. They are caused by the Sun as ‘Ole Sol’ wanders through it’s own cycles based upon inherent cycles of the Cosmos.

Even as you watch all the global crop failures that are happening TODAY there will be food shortages and civil chaos – as Marie Antoinette told her people just before they began their revolution; they explained to her that crops had failed, the ‘black plague’ was killing people by the masses and when they asked her to feed them her famous response was “let them eat cake”. THAT INSULT began the French Revolution! Rome could no longer send their Tax Collectors to collect or their Food Distribution Seed Stock representatives to the outer reaches of the Empire due to floods, catastrophic snows and freezing cold weather, which is why the Roman Empire failed from the inside out!

This is where we are today — crop failures global are in the mid-double digits percentages, our JIT food distribution system is failing, we no longer have 2-3 years of grain in storage in Silos as we have already drawn down that inventory and you are witnessing weather extremes where they never existed before and crops are being flooded and rotting in the fields and planting is falling months behind as the growing seasons shrink down to just a few “UN-GUARANTEED” months. Are you prepared – I think NOT!

As time goes by I will bring more factors into the picture that are part and parcel of the GSM — magnetic pole shifts/excursions, increased cosmic ray bombardment of the planet due to pole shift weakining, increased VEI 5-7 level volcanoes and large magnitude earthquakes not necessarily on a “known” fault system. These things always happen througout history, they are survivable (that is why we are still here – but many will perish by ignoring the facts – think Pompeii) but only if you are prepped and ready. Start learning now while we still have 6-10yrs left before the ‘shit really hits the fan’! 

I will post regular, significant updates over time so stay tuned here.. Are we having fun yet kiddies.. LOL

This first link is an easy to understand 6-minute scientific research synopsis of what is to come.. by   


Grand Solar Minimum

A grand solar minimum is likely later this century. 


Following is a more in-depth synopsis from the likes of NASA et al.


An approaching Grand Solar Minimum is gaining evermore support. Even NASA appears to be on-board, with their recent SC25 prediction — though, predictably, they stay clear of the implications.

NASA’s forecast for the next solar cycle (25) reveals it will be the weakest of the last 200 years.

The maximum of this next cycle — measured in terms of sunspot number, a standard measure of solar activity level — could be 30 to 50% lower than the most recent one.

The agency’s results show that the next cycle will start in 2020 and reach its maximum in 2025:

NASA prediction added by SACHA DOBLER from

The below is lifted from NASA’s official website (

The new research was led by Irina Kitiashvili, a researcher with the Bay Area Environmental Research Institute at NASA’s Ames Research Center, in California’s Silicon Valley. It combined observations from two NASA space missions – the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory and the Solar Dynamics Observatory – with data collected since 1976 from the ground-based National Solar Observatory.

One challenge for researchers working to predict the Sun’s activities is that scientists don’t yet completely understand the inner workings of our star. Plus, some factors that play out deep inside the Sun cannot be measured directly. They have to be estimated from measurements of related phenomena on the solar surface, like sunspots.

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  1. The plague is one reason why Europe has fewer people than China and India. It’s the last time wages went up spontaneously in Europe, ca 1300. This combined with non-developed countries having more kids than replacement means that the earth needs a plague, sad to say. The easy way is birth control but forcing birth control is called against human rights and genocide so people are going to have to die in some hard and painful way.

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