Does Stephen Miller Remain In The White House? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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Nov 15, 2019

Many House Democrats are calling on WH senior adviser Stephen Miller to resign after a report surfaced that he promoted white nationalist ideas before the 2016 election. Aired on 11/15/19.

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  1. I would like to read those emails sometime. I wonder if they have read them. Morning Joe lost an opportunity to have a legitimate discussion, too. The media calls everyone who wants to reduce or restrict immigration a white nationalist or supremacist, so we can’t even trust anything that they say. The media and Dems are creating a false dichotomy by forcing people into two extreme choices. Is the black judge who ruled against the ISIS bride from Yemen a white nationalist or supremacist? He is according to media and Dem definitions. The Confederate flag issue is alarming, if true, but this can be a lack of education/empathy. There are still non-racist whites who don’t understand why it should go from state flags that they never see anyway. There were Jews who served in the Confederacy, but it seems odd in a post-Nazi Germany environment to accuse a Jewish man of effectively being a Nazi. His ancestors fled Russian pograms. Many Middle Eastern Jews and Christians have a legitimate fear of Islam because they were genocided in the Middle East, and which appears at a gut level that white European Americans cannot understand. Black southerners can probably empathize better. There are also majority black counties named for Confederate leaders and Klansmen. Where are the calls for changing the name? By classifying “hispanics” as a different group, instead of saying that they are white, black, and indigenous, they are trying to stir up fear and conflict. Because the majority of “hispanics” are classified as “white”, it is false that “whites” will be a minority due to “hispanics”, though they may be due to migration from India and Asia. They don’t call India or Japan or all of the other many countries who refuse to allow immigration racists. They don’t call the Middle East racist for chasing out religious and ethnic minorities. Nor does anyone call out their hypocrisy. This is despite the fact that MENA countries are classified as “white” by US Census. By the current media-Demwit definition, the black judge who ruled against letting the ISIS bride kid of a diplomat from Yemen back into the US is a white nationalist. The media’s current definition of white nationalist-supremacist is wanting to reduce immigration, which actually means from all countries. They are using Southern Poverty Law Center whose own founder discriminated against black people and classifies anyone who wants any sort of immigration reduction as white nationalist-supremacist, etc. Anyone who wants reduced immigration – say from 1 million to 250,000 which is still too high – is a white nationalist according to them and the media. Anyone who thinks these numbers are sustainable must have been sleeping in basic math and only graduated because the teacher got tired of them sitting there. Non-racist whites can hide out with real white nationalists, but what becomes of black Americans? They have to choose between those who steal their jobs and white nationalists? The immigrants steal everyone’s jobs but it seems to have hit educated and uneducated black Americans the worst. Even though I have wondered if Bennie Thompson thinks that blacks can make better common cause with Latinos than whites, even in the Mississippi chicken plants the Latinos called the blacks lazy for wanting to take their legal breaks. Not everyone blends in like you and I do. I can be average European or “Hispanic”. Some Latin American guy in one of my classes ran up to me in college and asked was I Latin American. Only now do I understand that it’s because the demographics are so similar. People in Europe ask me for help when lost and I fit easily into Denmark, as well, as the middle of Europe or the Med. I fit anywhere apart from the majority in subsaharan Africa, and if you look like your father, you blend easily into Latin America and the Mediterrean, but not everyone is capable of becoming invisible in this way. Those who call Jeff Sessions racist know little about the south that he has lived in. He invited his black coworkers to eat at his home. It is surprising that he didn’t get a crossburning in his front yard due to that. A racist wouldn’t take that sort of risk. Reducing immigration helps black and white workers, too. I need to start doing op-eds on my own blog, it seems – but I really will have to read the 900 emails first. A lot of Americans are getting fed up with false accusations of racism for wanting to restrict immigration. If the media and Democrats keep on like this then everyone will sit home or even vote for Trump again. It’s like they want Trump to win. It’s like they want a civil war too. One problem is that by taking away American nationalism, that should bind all Americans together, they are also forcing people into a search for other sorts of identities, including real white nationalism. When they conflate Mexican Americans with non-American Mexicans, for instance, they are creating a problem. They are making Mexican-Americans “other”. I used to think that there was too much American flag-waving. Now I think that we need to get back with American flag-waving. By the way, one of the white nationalists that he promoted only became known as such later. It’s like then calling Huey Long a fascist because after his death one of his followers became a fascist.

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