Emails Show Stephen Miller Promoted White Supremacist Content | The Last Word | MSNBC

Everyone who has a pulse already knows Stephen Miller is a White Supremacist/Nationalist already.. but NOW we’re finding out that Stephen has been sending BriteBart white supremacists with the knowledge of Steve Bannon who was CEO and Principal of BriteBart — in the words of Mik’ Mulvaney “GET OVER IT!”  — Stephen Miller should never have been and should not be in the WH at all! REMOVE STEPHEN MILLER.. !!

Emails sent between 2015 and 2016 show senior White House adviser Stephen Miller regularly sent emails with links to white supremacist news sites and anti-immigrant content to a reporter at Breitbart. Now members of Congress are calling on Miller to resign. Maria Teresa Kumar and Neera Tanden join the Last Word to discuss Miller’s ongoing role in the Trump administration. Aired on 11/14/19.

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