Everything You Need to Know About Nuclear Power Plants How do nuclear power plants work? Kashyap Vyas By Kashyap Vyas November 16, 2019

It has always been an enigma and complete and utter insanity to me why you would want to build a $10-12BN+ highly toxic and polluting for hundreds of thousands of years, extremely dangerous and hazardous Nuclear Plant just to ‘boil water’ for steam power BEFORE YOU RESEARCHED AND FULLY DEVELOPED A METHOD OF “SPENT FUEL” MANAGEMENT??!! Except that the world has been so poisoned by radioactivity that the ‘brain no longer functions properly’ and “survival” has become an afterthought and a silly, whimsical idea anymore.. WTF!! WTF?? 

Nuclear power plants have risen in numbers over the years. There are over 400nuclear power plants across the world as of 2019. Currently, more than 14% of the world’s electricity comes from nuclear power plants.

In 2018, nuclear power plants in the US alone generated 807.1 billion kilowatts of energy, accounting for 20% of the nation’s electricity.


How do nuclear power plants create energy?

The simple answer is by nuclear reaction. However, if you dig a little deeper, you will uncover a set of complex processes that enable us to harvest energy from nuclear particles.

And in this guide, we will be thorough!

Nuclear reactions are of two types – Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Fusion. We use Nuclear Fission to generate power from nuclear reactors. The reason why we don’t use nuclear fusion is that we don’t have the technology that’s mature enough to carry out the process safely and cost-effectively.

Although, research is already underway to create a sustainable fusion of energy.

The energy released from the nuclear reactions is in the form of heat.

In nuclear power plants, this heat emitted from the reactions is used to turn water into superheated steam. This steam is then used to turn a turbine which is connected to a generator.

As the turbine spins, the generator begins to produce energy. (see video in the link below)..



  1. HUGE APPLAUSE to the Austrians!!! The sacrifice had to be enormous in cost alone. I never knew they did that – they deserve the Nobel Peace Prize in Humanities for that.. 😳😜😊👀

  2. The Austrians seem to be the only ones who voted and discussed the waste issue. As a result, they never opened their already built nuclear power station. It has been used as a movie set and is now a solar powered plant.

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