Bolton’s Valiant Effort To Get Trump To Release Military Aid For Ukraine | Deadline | MSNBC

It is clear to me – and anyone else that doesn’t live under a rock and eat grubs all day – that John Bolton is the key to this entire debacle called Impeachment. Question is: why is he not testifying; why is he putting his “book release” ahead of his “KEY” testimony which could not possibly be called ‘second-hand’ information, innuendo and hearsay. He is the one who can make this Impeachment successful or just a convoluted failure.. 

WSJ’s Rebecca Ballhaus, Wash Post’s Aaron Blake, Republican strategist Rick Wilson, former WH aide Elise Jordan, and MSNBC’s John Heilemann on the role former national security advisor John Bolton played in the administration’s Ukraine policy and his value to the impeachment proceedings if he decides to testify. Aired on 11/18/19.


    • This entire lot of “deep shit” is so thick it pauses me to appreciate the fact that I am a ‘news aggregator’ and not a news writer/producer. This way I don’t have to wade through the ‘stinkin swamp’ occasionally taking a deep dive to the bottom of the smelly heap to dig out the ‘whole turds’.. 😳😊 All I have to do is skim the surface – in full hazmat suit – slap the scrapings of loose shit on a wad of toilet paper and flush! It’s sort of like picking off the swollen ticks from the underbelly of the Dawg that is DumbAss Doofus’. I NEVER have to take that deep dive into the outhouse stack of semi-liquid stinking shit.. lolrotf!!

      The entire WH is a SuperFund Dump that will take many years to clean up at this point – it’s nasty and ugly. NOW – it appears that DumbAss Doofus is suffering a ‘bowel obstruction’ and had to go to Walter Reid for an Enema and ‘shit expulsion’ from all that MickeyD’s and KFC!! 😕😖😋😆😝😜💩 The entire WH crew needs to be exfoliated from the premises, biologically cauterized, autoclaved first in the steam cycle then a pass through of the ‘dry heat’ cycle, encased in a surgical-quality disposal bag and buried in a nuclear toxic waste dump – for all time!!

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