Meteor Storm, Highest Energy Gamma Burst, Earthquake | S0 News Nov.21.2019

Before CIA became CIA it was OSS! And it was OSS Space Research that put out this Micronova research first — then they DEEP BURIED it in the archives but one of the Scientists working with them picked it up and released it in a book. CIA knew the Sun would Micronova and really destroy some shit here on earth in cycles. THIS is why they then created the agency now known as NASA so they could specifically compartmentalize and focus on this phenomena that could destroy life as we know it today! THEY STARTED THIS THEORY, THEN USED APOLLO ROCK COLLECTIONS TO COLLECT THE “GLASSES” THEY FOUND ALL OVER THE MOON – WHICH IS WHY THEY WENT IN THE FIRST PLACE – TO CONFIRM THAT THE MOON HAD “GLASS” ALL OVER IT FROM THE LAST MICRONOVA 12.5K YEARS AGO!! THE ENTIRE MOON WAS COVERED WITH THE STUFF EVERYWHERE THEY LOOKED!!

Watch the video below for further details on this subject – this is real Solar System Historical Science and it will happen again as we are overdue in the time line for a recurrence of the Sun’s Micronova outburst. That is why you should subscribe to and follow their 6 minute news FREE – DAILY!

Nov 21, 2019

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