This is comedy day – and this group Firesign Theatre presents the funniest comedy I have ever heard – yes heard – as they are ‘old fashioned’ live onstage radio-style comedy. This is a treat not to be missed.. IMO the work below produced in 1969 is their best – and I can say that having listened to their entire career of parodies for many years as they are simply pure genius’s at what they do – never a dull moment and you have to listen closely or you miss the deep innuendo characterizations and subtle wit!!

How Can You Be in Two Places at Once When You’re Not Anywhere at All, released in 1969, consists of a stream-of-consciousnous play on side one about a man named Babe (Bergman) who buys a car and goes on a road trip that turns into a parody of Norman Corwin‘s 1941 patriotic radio pageant We Hold These Truths.[15] Side two, The Further Adventures of Nick Danger, is a parody of 1940s radio, about a hard-boiled detective(Austin) who became possibly the Firesigns’ most famous character.

The Firesign Theatre (also known as the Firesigns)[1][2] was an American surreal comedy group who first performed live on November 17, 1966 on the Los Angeles radio program Radio Free Oz on station KPFK FM. They continued appearing on Radio Free Oz, which later moved to KRLA 1110 AM and then KMET FM through February 1969. They produced fourteen record albums and a 45 rpm single under contract to Columbia Recordsfrom 1967 through 1976,[3] and had three nationally syndicated radio programs: The Firesign Theatre Radio Hour Hour [sic] in 1970 on KPPC-FM; and Dear Friends (1970–1971) and Let’s Eat! (1971–1972) on KPFK. They also appeared in front of live audiences, and continued to write, perform, and record on other labels through 2012, occasionally taking sabbaticals during which they wrote or performed solo or in smaller groups.

The Firesign Theatre was the brainchild of Peter Bergman, and all of its material was conceived, written, and performed by its members Bergman, Philip ProctorPhil Austin, and David Ossman. The group’s name stems from astrology, because all four were born under the three “fire signs“: Aries (Austin), Leo(Proctor), and Sagittarius (Bergman and Ossman). Their popularity peaked in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and ebbed in the Reagan Era. They experienced a revival and second wave of popularity in the 1990s and continued to write, record and perform until Bergman’s death in 2012.

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Please support the Firesign Theatre’s recorded works and entire catalog. This great graphic courtesy of the BigWallyFilms channel. Check out the animated version of Nick Danger with this search term : Pt1 – Nick Danger – Cut ‘Em Off at the Past! (Muvizu) This video posted for fan enjoyment only. Not for Sale. No copyright claim made. If asked by the creators or copyright owners, I will remove the post…in the meantime, enjoy!

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