New details revealed about Trump’s unusual hospital visit

My take on this story is D.J. Trumpanzee told his doctors that he was NOT going to be admitted into the hospital – period, full stop! HE WAS HAVING CHEST PAIN AND SHORTNESS OF BREATH!! IMO.. The doctors were told do whatever you have to do now to remedy the immediate issues and I’ll make an appointment in a couple of months to take further tests and a longer stay for treatment. If he admits into the hospital now the Senate Republicans will abandon his ass and bring him down – and D.J. Trumpanzee knows this!!  IMO.. He has serious heart disease and doesn’t want to face it now!!

Nov 24, 2019

President Donald Trump’s unannounced visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center spurred speculation about his health from the public, and from doctors. CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta joins Brian Stelter to share his concerns about who is being told what.



  1. It’s a little late for the sex change.. lol. But just to be clear Walter Reed hospital IS the Presidents Hospital generally speaking. They have an extensive security setup there and they can easily control ALL Egress and Ingress at a moments notice and they staff Specialists in EVERY field imaginable plus it’s close to the WH relatively speaking. What I was saying is if the issue was important enough to have the Dr. ride WITH him monitoring real-time and to take the ENTIRE MOTORCADE with him tells me his medical staff thought it was serious if not crucial at that time. Film at 11.. 😊

  2. I thought you were going to say that he had a sex change, given the picture!☺️
    Do I understand correctly that if it were anxiety induced chest pains it wouldn’t have been Walter Reed?

    • The WH has a fully equipped Triage Facility with full telemetry in-house. They can do anything clinical there – they would helicopter MedEvac the President to Walter Reed for anything more serious than that. Chest pains wouldn’t necessarily demand a visit to the hospital unless they rendered him/her incapacitated – it’s a case-by-case call – which in this case they must have been!

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