McConnell will ‘keep a tight rein on’ impeachment: Former GOP Rep. Barbara Comstock | ABC News

OK.. the Intel Committee Investigation is for all practical purposes over and their report will be compiled, composed and passed to Judiciary for Articles of Impeachment to be drawn and filed. Did they make their case – YES and NO – YES because they were able to undeniably show Obstruction of Congress and the Courts have agreed all the way down the road; BUT NO because of the obstruction form the WH and Administration they have NO PROOF! They were unable to obtain ANY documents the DO exist because the WH blocked them all. And they have NO WITNESSES who were “key” to the Bribery/Extortion charges – the WH allowed NO ONE to testify who was a ‘top principal’ in this whole fiasco. Mikey PumpHerDickel,  Mick Macaroni, John ‘mustache’ Bolted or any other of the Top Tier Administration Officials all “refused to honor legitimate subpoena’s” issued by Congress. These are witnesses who were “in the room” and “witnessed what was said by D.J. Trumpanzee” himself. So – on to the Intel Committee for the Actual Articles to be drawn up.

Personally I think Pelosi and the Dem-wits waited too long to get this far. So – YES D.J.Trumpanzee WILL be Impeached – he WILL NOT be removed from Office but it is likely he will LOSE the next election – however if NOT we are ALL SCREWED!! On to Step Two we will soon see.. the ongoing Nightmare continues in Real Time!! Stay tuned right here for all the latest Wet Dreams.. LOLROTF!! 😊

ABC News
Nov 24, 2019

Constitutional experts discuss the impeachment hearings with George Stephanopoulos on “This Week.”

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