Scientists find a new way to measure gravity Researchers develop a novel method to measure gravity that can get much more information.

Well now.. seems the QUACKADEMICS are at it again with their wacko and ridiculous ideas on how to do something SO SIMPLE with million dollar machines that are SO COMPLICATED – AND STILL GET IT WRONG!! LOLROTF..  When will they ever learn that Gravity is an Electro-magnetic artifact. Gravity is NOT a Force, it is NOT a field and it is NOT a particle! The simple proof is that it only works ONE WAY – Attraction. There is no such thing as Repelling Gravity – all other forces, fields and particles demonstrate reliable, equal and opposite traits inherently at all times and in all places.

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PAUL RATNER 16 November, 2019

You drop something and it falls. That’s how you know there is gravity, right? Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, improved upon this age-old test to find a new and potentially more useful way to measure gravity using lasers suspending atoms in midair. The usual approach to measuring gravity involves making something fall, preferably in a long shielded tube or tower, and then measuring it as it flies by with an instrument. While this classic method connects to our everyday experience of gravity, it has limitations.

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