I have featured some of the most famous ICONS of Jazz Piano on these pages – and they are ALL SUPER in their own right! Most are ‘players extraordinaire’ some compose a little from time to time. But Bill Evans was ALWAYS a composer first – they called him the 2nd coming of Chopin. His style of play and his compositions seamlessly meld classical, jazz and pure ‘free form’ (think Keith Jarrett) but Bill was unique to them all – as you can hear for yourself here.

*on a humorous note, I’m quite sure the Peanuts pianist cartoon character, was modeled after Bill..* 😳😊

Out of respect for family and Jazz itself – I can only play for you here – now, the Album in the public domain. Bill Evans: Remembered but for those who support the Arts you can watch the complete movie at the website just below: JAZZIZ for $1.99 or I refer you to Amazon Prime where if you are a member of Prime you watch for FREE. Please support Jazz and The Arts as a whole going forward and enjoy this solo album, one of his greatest jazz piano composers of all time!


Bruce Spiegel has produced a complete documentary giving you insights into Bill Evans; not just the musician, but also the person. The film moves chronologically starting with Bill’s childhood in New Jersey and culminating with details about his death.

“The film Bill Evans, Time Remembered took me 8 years to make. Eight years of tracking down anybody who knew Bill and who played with him, to try and find out as much as I could about the illusive and not easy to understand Bill Evans. I feel very honored to have had the chance to interview and get to know good guys that spent a lot of time with Bill: Billy Taylor, Gene Lees, Tony Bennett, Jack DeJohnette, Jon Hendricks, Jim Hall, Bobby Brookmeyer, Chuck Israels, Paul Motian, Gary Peacock, Joe LaBarbera. It was a once in a life time experience talking to these gifted talented guys about their time in jazz music, about their “Time Remembered“ with Bill Evans. – Bruce Spiegel”

Down Beat Magazine Five Star Rating



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